Leihun, led Valencia for a hundred days without any changes

Alfonso Gil | Valencia (EFE), especially about the resumption of work new stadium.

The main difference from the previous phase, which lasted five years with Anil Murthy as president, was in the manner of behavior, since if the actions of the previous president caused constant situations of tension, then the new leader was polite and took the attitude of being aloof from disputes, not “getting into puddles”, although the principles followed by the club have changed little.

In 2014, Leihun had already been working for some time under the orders of Peter Lim, a Singaporean businessman who became the company’s largest shareholder that same year and named him president two months after arriving in Valencia.

In 2017, he left the position that Murthy took up shortly thereafter, returning to the presidency on August 17 of this year, a few weeks after the dismissal of Murthy, under whose mandate the education’s relations with Valencianism and regional and local authorities deteriorated. very fast.

More discreet than its predecessor

Leihun Chan is a much more reserved person than his predecessor, when he showed himself he did it clearly but without losing his composure, although the club showed no signs of changing its roadmap on his part.

One of the big problems that have long surrounded Valencia is the resumption of work on the Mestalla, a project that has recently been marked by the club’s disagreement with the Generalitat and the city council regarding the model of the new course.

Leihun expressed disappointment at the lack of understanding with the local authorities, but the big question is when and under what specific conditions the work stopped in 2009 will resume, and therefore when the new football field will be available, seems far from being resolved. answered.

Added to all this is the question of the future of the old Mestalla, about which there is almost no news, the question to which is added the possibility that a new field, not yet completed, may be included in the 2030 World Cup project. .

Team, at a similar level of past seasons

At the sporting level, the concept of the team did not differ much from the concept of the last seasons during these hundred days. It remains a mid-table team that hasn’t played in Europe for much longer than we would like (its last continental game dates back to March 2020), and only the playing style of its coach Gennaro Gatusso motivates this hobby.

Another year, the disappointment with the departure of the team’s players, especially Carlos Soler, has exceeded the enthusiasm for the arrival, with the exception of the case of Edinson Cavani, who, however, is waiting for the final confirmation of his adaptation to the team.

Contract extensions for José Luis Gaia and Hugo Guillamón have been the best news for the Valencians since Leyhun’s return, but the philosophy of working with a young team full of tenants has fallen short of expectations despite the manager’s tenacity.

A couple of visits to Singapore by the current “staff” of Valencia have only served to fill in the reality of the distance that remains between property and Valencianism.

In this scenario, the various groups of Valencia supporters are active and work to ensure that the organization’s future is not in Lim’s hands. As such, little has changed at the club with Leyhun’s return.

By Peter Kavinsky

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