Liberec does not look for the vincas, so he had to pay a fine for the World Cup House


Liberec presented the championship in 2009 a financially sanctioned him for various faults in buildings subsidized by the state.

According to the predecessor Jaroslav Zmenko (Mayor of the Liberec region) holding people accountable for the code established by paying the taxation for such a long time from the ampion would not be effective.

It’s hard to find individual faults because everything is a junkyard. It’s been 15 years since the implementation for you, the TK primtor said.

According to him, the city councilors decided not to enforce the code, including with regard to the costs the city would incur in seeking a wink and how much it could give from them.

It wouldn’t be efficient to pay the salary and go to people who don’t work at city hall, Zmenk said.

We have therefore decided to close it in the meantime as that time is far away and costs would continue to grow. It would be like reviewing a dispute where there wasn’t a day before, the mayor added.

Revenge was threatened and billions in sanctions

Sanctions were washed away by financial advertisement Liberci related to ten construction projects committed to Jetda. Due to the mistakes made, the original city was threatened with billions of sanctions, in the end Liberec paid 17.2 million kroner. Of those 14.8 million kroner was the sanction and 2.4 million kroner.

For example, doubts arose about the lighting in the jumping areas, the snowmobile garage, the parking garage and the access roads. For some buildings, the municipality did not meet the technical parameters, for example with regard to the diameter of the pipes used, the difference in the length of the pipes and the construction times of the sewer connections.

Another dimension, not mentioned in the grant, had a two-story parking lot, the city on an area of ​​8,000 square meters was built on 2,680 square meters. Contrary to the conditions set for several buildings after the ampion, the city built the first one when the bond was issued.

It was not the only fine for Liberec in connection with the World Cup. He had to have a financial disaster pay the dog millions of crowns due to errors during the installation of the apartment for ampiont.

With the city, seven women headed the Antimonopoly Bureau (OHS). The suspect was found guilty of six of these, a total of 72 orders and a total fine of 6.55 million kroner.

However, the court overturned most of these fines and sent OHS in some cases. According to the TK database, Liberec eventually paid 110,000 kroner in fines related to the anti-monopoly deal.


By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at