Los Hombres G celebrate 40 years on stage with tour

Silvia Garcia Erraes

Madrid (EFE) someone to resign: “For a while there is still Men G”, they declare.

“The illusion is not damaged, every day we are crazier and we are preparing new projects. The only thing that can stop us is that one of us gets sick and we have to leave, and for the rest, we don’t even think about retiring, we still have a lot to give,” vocalist David Summers tells EFE.

Together with him, Rafa Gutiérrez, Dani Mesquita and Javier Molina form this quartet, which has become one of the most important Spanish pop groups of all time since the release of “Hombres G” (1985), with over 20 members. copies sold and excellent tours this and the other side of the Atlantic. In fact, in Mexico and the US they continue to perform in front of thousands of people.

“I think we are in better shape now. We are fulfilling our true dream because we play in places we never thought we could play, and above all, we open our souls in such a short time, as happened to us, for example, at the Arena de México. that we had to remove another date because the first one sold out in less than 24 hours…and there are 30,000 seats!” Gutiérrez emphasizes.

Los Hombres G perform during the launch of their 40th anniversary tour in music.Los Hombres G perform during the launch of their 40th anniversary tour in music.
Los Hombres G perform during the launch of their 40th Anniversary Music Tour, “And We Keep Getting Started,” this Wednesday in Madrid. EFE/ Fernando Alvarado

four decades of history

During their career Hombres G have sold almost 6 million tickets and performed on more than 4,000 stages, including the Vicente Calderon Stadium, the Las Ventas Bullring or the Vizinca Center, all in Madrid, as well as the Hollywood Bowl. in Los Angeles or Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden in New York.

“There’s no secret, really. Our songs have survived the passage of time very well, and that’s because they’re fun, because what we’re working on conveys good vibes and good vibes, and everyone loves it,” emphasizes Summers. that they attract so many audiences that listened to them in the 80s as the most current.

The catchy rhythms of “Martha’s Got a Pacemaker”, “I’m Gonna Have a Good Time”, “Down Your Hair” or “Attack of the Crocodile Girls” are a good reflection of this, though the band admits that if anything they’ve written would have to choose one thing, then it would be “Suffer asshole.”

“It was the first song we wrote, it got us all the attention and we will always be remembered for it. The rest are also very good and famous, but for us this one is the most important, ”admits Summers.

When does the Hombres G tour start?

On December 30, the Wizink Center in Madrid will be the starting point of this “super tour” that will take them through 40 large squares, 18 of which are Spanish, as well as parts of Latin America such as Peru, Chile or Mexico, among others. , as well as other countries like Canada.

“The concert in Madrid will be special. We will do it with the same enthusiasm as when we were young. In general, the tour will be very good. No one who saw us live will see the same thing,” Mesquita says of some “shows” divided into three acts, like a play, with a different set design, more musicians and “a lot of surprises and videos from their youth” . .

They will resume concerts on May 19, 2023 in Valencia (La Marina) and then pass through Seville (May 27, Live Sur Stadium), Gijón (June 3, Deportes de la Guia Palace – President Adolfo Suarez), Badajoz ( June 23, Fairground Auditorium), Valladolid (June 24, Valladolid Fair), Granada (July 1, bullring) and Cordoba (July 7, bullring).

Malaga city of Fuengirola (July 15, Marenostrum), as well as Palma de Mallorca (July 29, Truy Son Fusteret), Santander (August 3, Campa de la Magdalena), Alicante (September 2, Plaza 12, Multiespatio) . Rabas), Murcia (September 16, Artillery Barracks) and Barcelona (September 30, Palau Sant Jordi).

The Spanish tour will end in Pamplona (Saturday, October 7, Navarre Arena), Zaragoza (October 13, Prince Felipe Pavilion), Bilbao (November 11, Bilbao Arena), A Coruña (November 18, Colosseum) and again Madrid (29 December). , Vizink-center).

Tickets for the tour go on sale this Friday, November 25 at 12:00 pm on the Livenation and Ticketmaster pages.

By Peter Kavinsky

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