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Aziza herself has experienced a lot of pain in her life. She has a tragic fate

A picture: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

The new song sounded on the air on Tuesday 20 September Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (97.2 FM) in the program “Non-ceremonial portraits with Alexander Gamow”.

People’s Artist of Russia took part in the program Ilya Reznik and singer Aziz.

And the story of this penetrating song began with the fact that the journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda visited Lugansk, where he met the head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik.

Leonid Ivanovich, in an interview published for the first time in our newspaper, raised this topic: it would be time to make films about the heroes of the special operation, write poems, songs …

I told Vladimir Putin about that conversation – it was during the president’s visit to Ashgabat.

“Good idea,” the president agreed. And songs must be composed, poetry must be written and monuments must be erected to it. They are heroes!

After that, the famous poet and famous singer went to work. And I got the idea to show the process of making a song. And I realized that this is not an easy task.

Two months passed before I could listen to the first recording of the composition. Aziza stubbornly refused to even sing a line on the phone:

– I’ll tell you right away, Alexander. I am not the type of person who shows raw materials. I prefer to do painstaking work first, on myself of course, with the poet, musically, with arrangement, and then bring the result … not even to court, such songs are not discussed, but exposed brought.

Because this is more than a song.

– It’s a requiem. Ilya, how were the lines born?


– They were born all my life. Because I am a child of the war, I am a child of the blockade, my father died in 1944.

And now a special military operation takes place, and again one’s father dies for his homeland.

I can say that I came to the subject through a prayer I wrote.

To the brave warriors who fell in desperate battles,

Shelter that protected the native from misfortune and suffering

This prayer, born of heart and pain…

Only then were words born in the heart, which became a requiem. And after the composer Alexander Batrak put them to music, and Azisa performed it with a song.

By the way, Laborer is a resident of Sevastopol, our Crimea.

– Open your creative kitchen – why did you entrust Aziz with the first performance?


– Aziza for Ira and I (Irina – wife, like-minded poet – AG) is a dear person, I have known the singer since she was 16 years old, when she lived in Tashkent.

Aziza herself has experienced a lot of pain in her life. She has a tragic fate. Share, I’d say…

Therefore, when our bishop, Bishop Nestor of Yalta, said that a woman should sing the requiem, I thought of Aziz. We often visit the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God.

Ilya Reznik created a requiem dedicated to the heroes of the special military operation

A picture: Alexander GLUZ


– I am baptized. My Orthodox name is Anfisa.

And I would like to add that I know first hand what war is.

I was born in the family of a composer, Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan Mukhamedov Abdurakhim Nurmatovich. My father is a veteran, an invalid of the Great Patriotic War. At the age of 16, he immediately left the orphanage in Tashkent to the front. He always told us, his three daughters (I am the youngest in the family), what war is. You know, he didn’t spare us by calling a spade a spade. Therefore, since childhood, we have endured the pain that our father knew.

And when I turned 18, I was already working in the Sado ensemble, we went to Afghanistan for the first time with concerts. They spoke to our soldiers, to the wounded in hospitals. They were only boys, at most 20 years old, someone without arms, someone without legs. A very difficult sight.

And later, during the Chechen war, she often traveled with her concerts to Nazran and Chechnya. There are many songs on military themes in my repertoire, which I compose myself.

– Aziza, how many times have you been to Afghanistan?

– Three times. Of course it’s hard to remember, but then we were very young girls, we didn’t understand all the danger, but we understood the responsibility of our mission.

When I heard Ilya’s song, the cry of mothers accompanying their sons to defend their homeland echoed in my soul. When we were working on the lyrics, I told Ilya Rakhmielievich about this. He wrote a deeper line: “Mother Earth mourns in prayers.” You see, we worked on every line, on every sentence.

– Very long, I thought.

Singer Aziza with special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alexander Gamov

A picture: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY


– Aziza finds mistakes in every line, every word in a good way.

– What for example?


– For example, I can sing more easily if a sentence ends with an open vowel, with “a”, with “e”. And if it’s on “and”, it captivates, “cuts” you off. I asked Ilya to replace the lines that ended with consonants or “u”, “i”, “s”. Ilya immediately, without leaving the handset, without changing the meaning of the text, gave me alternative words.


– I often agree. Although not in everything. Sometimes a word or a line of sorts was born at the same time.

– Did you agree on the way of acting?


– I am a very emotional person. As a singer I have a fairly wide vocal range. When I started rehearsing, I wanted to go out all the time to some kind of scream, moan, some kind of strong emotion. I already started singing two octaves higher at the second verse

But Ilya Rakhmielevich heard this composition differently. He kept saying, “Aziza, quieter, Aziza, calmer. Aziza, be more restrained.’

Aziza on the air of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”

A picture: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

And it was very difficult for me to control my emotions. And as he demanded, I usually don’t sing. This is another Aziza, I didn’t even suspect that I could make my voice sound in a new way.

But still, I confess, at my solo concerts I do not obey Ilya Rakhmielievich in everything.

– Ilya, tell me, to whom is the requiem addressed?


– When the song sounded at the book fair in Gostiny Dvor, literally at the second sentence, all the visitors stood up. I think it is addressed to everyone who loves their motherland.


– I performed a song at one of the locations on City Day in Moscow. The children standing in front of the adults were crying. You can’t fool a child. He understands everything.


– This is participation in the destiny of the fatherland.

We fly like moths to the flame, we lose dear friends,

Let’s remember those who are not with us. And let’s think of the living.

– I visited the struggling Donbass nine times with Iosif Kobzon, when none of the performers were there. He mainly sang Soviet songs from the war years. “Dark Night”, “Song of the front-line driver…” “Ilya, did these songs influence you?

– Naturally! The film “Two Soldiers”, which sounds the masterpiece “Dark Night” by composer Nikita Bogoslovsky and poet Vladimir Agatov performed by Mark Bernes, I watched seven times during the evacuation in the Urals.


– Here we sit in a warm studio, quietly working, going to the store, relaxing at home watching TV, spending vacation. And the boys in the foreground stood up like a shield from evil spirits.

And what can I do for them? To sing!

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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