Lucky Mobile is offering 3GB of bonus data until May 9

Lucky Mobile is offering a flash sale featuring 3GB of bonus data. This flash sale is available until May 9th.

Below are all of the offers:

  • $70 for 23GB with 500MB with autopay
  • $60 for 18GB with 500MB with autopay
  • $50 for 13GB with 500MB with autopay
  • $40 for 7.5GB with 500MB with autopay
  • $35 for 5.5GB with 500MB with autopay
  • $25 for 3.5GB with 500MB with autopay

After six months you’ll lose the extra 3GB of data, however.

You’ll need to buy a $10 SIM card with a new activation. While Chatr is offering a similar deal, Lucky Mobile doesn’t mention anything about six months, which means you should always have the extra 3GB of data.

These plans also come with unlimited Canada/US Talk, unlimited text, 3G speeds, voicemail and more. To clarify, the autopay bonus is when you sign up for automatic payment withdrawals from your debit or credit card accounts. Unlike Chatr, you need to sign up for the “Auto Top-Up” feature as Lucky calls it.

You can check out Chatr’s deal here.

Source: Lucky Mobile

Source: MobileSyrup

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