Man who cut the jaw of the dog he stole with a knife was released after being detained

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He cut the jaw of the dog he stole with a knife

OAA stole the 1-year-old ‘Çiko’ silvery spedy wolfhound belonging to İlhan Tombakoğlu in the Didim district of Aydın, and cut the jaw of the animal he took home with a knife. OAA, who threw the blood-drenched dog into an empty field, was detained and then released, while the injured dog was treated.

The incident took place in Hisar Neighborhood at around 20.30 yesterday. The spedy breed wolf dog named Çiko, which belonged to İlhan Tombakoğlu, suddenly disappeared. While Tombakoğlu was investigating where the dog had gone, when he examined the security camera footage of the house, he realized that a suspect had taken Çiko in a minibus by force. Tombakoğlu, who reported to the police, on the other hand, started to search for the minibus with the plate number 06 CTL 456, whose license plate was determined from the security camera image. The suspect OAA, who was caught with the help of the police, was taken into custody. The dog, on the other hand, was found wounded in blood in the empty field. While the dog was taken to the vet for treatment, the suspect was released after his statement at the police station.


Çiko’s owner İlhan Tombakoğlu said, “We would not have found Çiko without the security camera footage. Maybe she would have died right now. When I saw that brutality, I couldn’t stand it and cried. The person we learned was alcoholic, injured under the chin with a knife and left her in blood. I complained. However, she was released. “I still don’t understand how he did such a brutality. Çiko is loved by me and by everyone in Didim. We are very sorry. We want the person who did this to be punished,” he said.

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