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The movie “She Said” is released in theaters – it will be shown in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Europe. From December 8, the feature film by the German director Maria Schrader can be seen in Germany. At its premiere in New York in October 2022, the film was greeted with a standing ovation. Film critics have no doubt that the new film by the 57-year-old Schrader will be a great success. He already has one award: even before the official launch, he received the David Carr Award, which is awarded for works that tell the truth about important social issues. The movie “She Said” is an excellent example of how investigative journalism has shed light on a scandalous story that has spanned nearly three decades.

“She Said” and other films by Maria Schrader

Maria Schrader is well known in the American film industry. Her futuristic tragicomedy “I Was Made for You” was shortlisted for the 2021 Oscars but failed to qualify for the finals. And the four-episode movie “Unorthodox”, released in 2020 on the Netflix platform, was awarded a television award “Emmy” for directing.

Mary Schrader
Mary SchraderPhoto: Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

“She Said” is the second film by the German director after the romantic comedy “I’m Made for You”, the plot of which differs from the themes close to the director – the German-Jewish past and present and the history of Israel . Over the years, Maria Schrader’s work has been built around this thematic series: “Love Life” (2007), the drama film “Stefan Zweig” (2016), as well as films in which Maria Schrader herself played one of the roles: ” Crazy” (1998), “Aimee and the Jaguar” (1999) or “Rosenstrasse” (2003).

However, the subject that Maria Schrader addresses in her new photo is not new to her. As in the drama “Aimee and the Jaguar”, which describes the years of the Second World War, the focus is on strong women. Only when Maria Schrader herself plays a strong Jewish woman involved in the activities of an anti-government underground organization in the 1999 film, does the German director tell the story of journalists Jody Cantor and Megan Twui and their resonant investigation in the new film.

History of sexual harassment

Scandal with a famous producer Harvey Weinstein, on whose professional account there is more than one Oscar-winning film, needs no detailed retelling. The development of this story was followed all over the world. Maria Schrader shows how journalists Megan Twui and Jodi Kanter convince victims sexual harassment by a well-known and influential producer to publicize their stories. Women open up to reporters, even though many of them are required not to disclose the circumstances of the case. They do so on condition of anonymity.

The details of the scandal, which came to light during the journalistic investigation, were first published in the pages of The New York Times. Actresses and former subordinates of Weinstein decided to speak out loud and talk about their relationship with the producer. In October 2017, confessions emerged from his first victim, actress Ashley Judd.

This was the beginning. One by one, the women who had been harassed by Wenstein over the years spoke of their traumatic experiences. Their stories exposed an entire system of sexual harassment that had existed in Hollywood for decades. More than 80 women spoke about Harvey Wenstein, including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek. This high-profile scandal prompted women around the world to open up, which became a catalyst #Me Too moves.

The book “She Said” was published in 2019 by American journalists Tui and Kanter. American producer Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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