Max Whitlock chooses to skip the Gymnastics World Championships in Liverpool

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Peter Kavinsky

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Max Whitlock will miss the World Gymnastics Championships next month in Liverpool after deciding to extend his absence from the sport following his second Olympic triumph in Tokyo last year.

Whitlock’s absence represents a blow to the organizers of Britain’s first world championships since 2015 in Glasgow – coincidentally, where Whitlock won the first of his three world crowns.

Whitlock, who also missed the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games this year, remains fully determined to return to chase a third Olympic gold medal in Paris in 2024, according to the PA news agency.

The five-man Great Britain men’s team includes Joe Fraser, Jake Jarman, Giarni Regini-Moran, James Hall and Courtney Tulloch, with the women’s team due to be announced next week.

Fraser, 23, will be heading to the championships after winning a triple gold medal from the Europeans in Munich last month, including becoming the first Briton to win the prestigious all-around title.

“It’s been an amazing year so far and this is the grand finale,” said Fraser, who battled a broken foot to also win three gold medals in Birmingham.

“I’m really excited to go with this team. I’m proud of the journey we’ve all had this year, performing our routines under pressure and trying our best.

Jarman, 20, will make his world debut after a spectacular year in which he made history by winning four Commonwealth Games gold medals.

“Being part of this team is very special, and after back-to-back major championships, stepping into this world together is a great moment,” Jarman said.

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