Merkel admits she could no longer influence Putin – DW – 11/24/2022

Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) saw no chance to influence Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of her term as Chancellor of Germany. The words of the former chief of cabinet will lead Der Spiegel magazine on Thursday 24 November.

As Merkel noted, in the summer of 2021, after the meeting of US and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, she wanted to create an independent European format with French leader Emmanuel Macron for discussion with the Russian head of state in the EU Council in the summer of 2021 .

According to Merkel, a number of politicians objected and she did not have the strength to defend her position because everyone knew she would leave the post of German chancellor in the fall. According to the former chief of staff, she tried to talk to her colleagues, but they replied that the task was too big for her.

‘For Putin, only strength is important’

In which Merkel addedthat if she took office again in September, she would continue her line. But according to the ex-chancellor, she clearly felt that “politically, her time was over.” This was also the case during the last visit of the Chief of Cabinet to Moscow in August 2021.

“For Putin, only strength is important. He also took Lavrov to this last meeting, but in general we met more often alone,” Merkel added.

Merkel has no regrets about depending on gas from Russia

Earlier Merkel said she had no regrets that as head of government she decided to bet on cheap natural gas from Russia as part of Germany’s new energy policy. “During the transformation period, it was clear that we needed natural gas to one day naturally switch completely to carbon dioxide-free forms of energy,” Merkel said Oct. 13 at an event organized by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. in Lisbon.

“We always act the moment we’re in,” she said. “In the perspective of the time, it was very reasonable and understandable to receive pipeline gas from Russia, which was cheaper than liquefied natural gas from other parts of the world – the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,” she explained. ex-chancellor of Germany.

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