Messi influence.

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Doha (EFE) This will be the Albicelesta World Cup.

Two days without meeting the Paris Saint-Germain star with a group dedicated to specific work with the national team guardians was enough to calm the euphoria and bring some unease to a country that has been counting down for some time now. start of the tournament.

There is no official information or exact data on the situation with Messi. Only that the precautions are extreme due to the continuous efforts from the very beginning of the course and the limited recovery time between the accumulated load this season and the start of the World Cup.

Less relevant is the area associated with albicelesta, which tries to convey a certain normality of the situation of the Argentine team, from the first moment excited by the physical failures of its players.

To the extent that Lionel Scaloni has already had to make two changes in his squad, he keeps four reserves on alert in case additional changes are needed, and since he arrived in Qatar, he has not been able to train with his whole squad.

Ghost of Benzema

Messi will face Saudi Arabia on Tuesday at Lusail Stadium along with the rest of his teammates. The Argentine star has played just about everything in his path. With my club and with the national team. He played ninety minutes against the United Arab Emirates in his last season before Qatar. The muscle overload that bothers him falls under the player’s general parameters.

Argentine striker Lionel Messi (c) during a friendly match that Argentina played against the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi on November 16.

Argentina does not want to find itself in a situation similar to that of France, revolutionized at the last minute by the farewell to the World Cup of one of its stars, Karim Benzema, who was barely able to dose his energy and quantify his strength.

This is a kind of world championship, there is no time to tune in after a break in the clubs.

Thirty-six years of waiting made Argentina want to win the World Cup. You feel that time is running out. That Leo Messi is over and that Qatar 2022 is a great event.

In a country where football, and even more so the national team, is almost a religion, the delay is excessive. Calm is exhausted.

Cycle closure

Since Diego Armando Maradona took Argentina to the skies in 1986, the two World Cups since Cesar Luis Menotti included albiceleste for the first time in the list of tournament winners, in 1978 he failed to expand his legend.

He achieved success in 1990 with Maradona and also in Brazil in 2014 with Messi; both went to Germany.

Argentina does not imagine that the end of the era of a PSG player, one of the best in history, will end without lifting the Cup.

The impact it produces is such that it can disrupt the mood of the country and change the mood of every fan.

Also in Qatar 2022. Football in the East is peculiar. More stars than teams. There are more idols than bands.

The World Cup is covered by Messi and every move a player makes has an impact on everyone around this great tournament.

By Peter Kavinsky

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