Microsoft Teams sound quality improved with AI

Microsoft has unveiled that it’s bringing improved sound quality to Microsoft Teams through new AI features.

These features include echo cancellation to cut out unnecessary noise from speakers, making audio clear when multiple users talk at the same time, ‘de-reverberation’ to suppress reverberated sound in a room, interruptibility for more natural conversations through two-way audio transmission, and enhanced background noise suppression.

According to Robert Aichner, a principal program manager for intelligent conversation and communications cloud at Microsoft, 30,000 hours of speech training samples were analyzed to train the AI  to suppress unwanted audio (via The Verge).

In addition, Microsoft has also added video quality improvements like real-time screen optimization for text quality, AI-based improvements to bandwidth constraints and brightness/focus filters.

Microsoft says it will release these video and audio improvements to Teams Windows and Mac/iOS users in the “coming months.”

A future release is also planned for Teams’ Android and web clients.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Sources: Microsoft Via: The Verge 

Source: MobileSyrup

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