Mike Tyson Visits Calumet City

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Peter Kavinsky

On Saturday, May 26th, Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones and various Alderman from the Calumet City Council welcomed former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson to the south suburban town.

Tyson was welcomed by Mayor Jones during his visit to a local dispensary in which he is a partner.
” I didn’t realize how big the Champ’s hands were until I shook his hand. All I could think of was that this is the same hand he used to knock Michael Spinks out in 91seconds into the first round,” says Mayor Jones.
Tyson shook hands and took photos with every elected official and customer who entered the dispensary.
Jones added, “We are grateful that our town continues to attract celebrities such as Mr. Tyson. But it speaks volumes to our business district. Already we’ve attracted over 50 additional businesses to Calumet City since being elected in May of 2021.

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