Military expert Shurygin: Recruiting people is not the most important thing. The main thing is to dress, put on and train them.

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Mobilization is a very complex process. But she worked

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The first thing the president’s speech talks about is the massive threat we face. For the first time in our post-war history, we are conducting a partial mobilization. This means that the special military operation is over, the war for our existence begins. It was said very clearly that “we are at war!”… This is what many have been talking about for the past few months, that we are at war against all of NATO, against the United States. Since the end of the spring, they have been fully engaged in the war against us, now the president has simply said this, and accordingly measures have been determined how it will be possible to somehow level and parry. There is nothing in what Putin said that I would not expect from him.

When the special military operation began, apparently the calculation was that there would be no direct intervention and invasion from the West. Then we tried “because of skill” and technical superiority to bring the target in a shortened version. Just a few weeks ago, we were fighting a numerically superior enemy, but inferior to us technically and organizationally. In this situation, it is simply impossible to keep trying to fight with the methods we have fought before.

Given the appearance in the Criminal Code of an article for disrupting a military order and failing to comply with it at all levels, of course during yesterday’s meeting with the defense industry, it was said that the key role would lie in the special operation among the industrialists. In fact, the meeting itself was about the fact that the military-industrial complex should reach maximum speed, what tasks should be solved, what resources should be transferred.

In fact, we are still fighting over last year’s budget. And the resources that the factories of the military-industrial complex receive are the resources that were budgeted last year. But now the situation is qualitatively different.

Second. I think there was also a question of responsibility. It was said very clearly that “guys, we have to get out of the situation when we have the latest weapons in the pictures, nice, but they are not in the troops.” And it has to be there, it has to be delivered and it has to be there as soon as possible. This reboot, not even a reboot, but the inclusion of such jet boosters of the military-industrial complex – this was the main purpose of the meeting.

We understand that mobilization is a very complex process. But it’s worked out, we know it’s going to happen. But we are well aware that just gathering people is not enough – they must be clothed, shod and armed. We understand that thousands of volunteers have been gathering across the country for the Republics of Donbass for over a month now, and for our units there is much of everything that is missing there. Not enough, in the first place, because the military-industrial complex does not provide everything that is needed. And of course the practice in which we will continue to support the military with the whole world is correct. But in this case, we will not replace our military-industrial complex.

So what to arm, what to wear, what to wear, how to feed those to whom we will now appeal – first of all, internal future stability depends on the harvester. People will now give the most valuable thing to the country – they will give their loved ones. Sons, husbands, brothers. And then the demand of society and the state will be completely different. It’s not just volunteers fighting somewhere. Now everything will be different.

We now understand very well that the war will last more than a month or two. And it doesn’t even end with the new year. The war is turning into a state of whoever wins. And the economy will play the first part in “who wins”. I don’t doubt our military capabilities, how our military knows how to fight. But the question is, “What will she fight with? “How long is this gonna take?” And the answers to that depend, first of all, on how we can not only carry out this mobilization, but also how to make warriors out of people who will carry out combat missions.

It has debt. I don’t think it will take years – it’s just physically impossible, because then the whole world has to join in, and if NATO troops are deployed, states on the other side will join in too.

As for the words about “nuclear blackmail”, I think it was a very specific warning. If a decision is made after the referendum to turn to Russia so that it accepts new nationals in Russia, they will become our territory. Once accepted, these regions will fall under the nuclear umbrella.

Peter Kavinsky

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