Mining Business Association ‘delighted’ with Geoalcali

Pamplona (EFE) – The Navarre Mining Business Association (AEMINA) was “delighted” with the Geoalcali mining project as it is a “very good deposit”.

AEMINA (Agrupación Empresarial Minera de Navarra), in collaboration with CEN and CONFEDEM (National Confederation of Mining and Metallurgical Entrepreneurs), hosted the 7th Navarra Mining Industry Meeting, dedicated this year to “Sustainable Use of Minerals.

“This is a very good project, with new technologies and incorporating everything that could be the best technologies for its sustainability with the environment. This is a long-term project that can capture a large population in the area in addition to bringing in the services that the project will need,” Javier Fermin said in a statement to EFE.

The meeting was attended by Industrial, Energy and Strategic Projects S3 CEO Uxue Itois, CONFEDEM President Vicente Gutiérrez, In-Audit Energy CEO Juan Ramon Lafon, and CEN and AEMINA organizers Carlos Fernández Valdivelso and Javier Fermin.

This is a meeting where companies and administrations connect and get acquainted with the latest developments related to the mining sector in Navarre. The sector is divided into industrial rocks and building minerals. The latter recovered slightly but remains at a low level since the 2008 crisis, still accounting for 35% of what was done in 2007. The industrial sector is protected this year.

Lafont spoke about the pillars of energy management based on contracting with the right procurement strategies and energy efficiency with cost control in kilowatts. “Unfortunately, this is a trendy topic, because we have been in a rapidly growing market for a year and a half. This is a historical situation that has not happened since the market liberalization in 2007,” he said.

Price change means that now the change from one day to the next can be the same as the change in the whole market two years ago. “The strategy is the same, it is to know the market well in order to be able to make decisions at any time of the year,” he said. “This is a financial market where there is always risk, the question is to know that the decision will not lead to a decrease in value,” he added.

Gutiérrez spoke about the Fundación Minería y Vida, which has a six-year project with a budget of almost three million to work on communications. “The idea is to reach out from schools to universities or society at large to see what raw materials are and how they can contribute to the fight against climate change,” he explained to EFE.

“All generators, batteries, etc. cannot be made without raw materials. When we buy a mobile phone, we need to know where it comes from and whether it can be made from the best European material,” he added.

According to the president of CONFEDEM, the war in Ukraine “has accelerated the process.” “The European Commission launched the process, but went towards it with some kind of calmness, without haste. Global warming has accelerated, and the war has led to the fact that now you need to hurry,” he said.

By Peter Kavinsky

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