Mobile leaks suggest multiplayer will be included in the game at launch

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It looks like Activision is planning to give Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile players a full experience when it comes to game modes. A new Modern Warzone leak on Twitter shows the possibility of multiplayer being present in the game at come.

This could have huge ramifications for the future of the title, which is set to release in 2023. After much speculation, Activision has officially confirmed plans to bring another title to mobile devices. The publishing giant has already had major success with Call of Duty Mobile, and their next game will look to build on that success. This will be the first incident where players can enjoy what Warzone players have long enjoyed on PC and consoles.

Warzone mobile will also have multiplayer and it looks really good 👀👀

Warzone mobile will also have multiplayer and it looks really good 👀

While Battle Royale might be the base game mode, Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile will be getting a multiplayer mode as far as the leaked music video goes. Activision has yet to reveal which game modes will be available at release. Readers are urged to take the information with a grain of salt and not jump to conclusions until Activision releases official information.

The addition of multiplayer to Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile will be great for gamers as it adds variety to the content

The Call of Duty franchise has historically put multiplayer modes front and center, and it was in Warzone that Activision decided to take the battle royale route. As for portable devices, Call of Duty Mobile offers variants of multiplayer and battle royale modes.

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile may not directly replace the existing title, but Activision seems focused on providing a wider range of activities. A potential multiplayer mode will likely allow players to enjoy a similar level of variety.

Besides, it will be interesting to see how developers adopt the console experience on Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile. It is a well-known fact that the capabilities of a mobile device are much more limited, and there are difficulties when it comes to movement and aiming weapons.

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So far, Activision has done a brilliant job with Call of Duty Mobile, which has been a breakout hit. Although Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile is quite similar, players can expect a greater focus on Operators. Each operator in the game will be unique and it will be interesting to see how many will be available at launch.

The Call of Duty community is excited for the upcoming launch, and Activision has already provided scheduled information. It remains to be seen if today’s leaks will turn out to be true and if multiplayer is indeed added to the game.

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