Mobilized at the front in Ukraine: latest news about the special operation on November 24, 2022

Conscripts from Kotovsk, Tambov region – calculation number of the self-propelled gun “Malka” caliber 203 mm

A picture: Alexander KOTS


– Chwak! – tall berets helplessly plunged into the wet, dirty slush, as soon as I jumped out of the car near the camp of one of the artillery units of the Western Military District in the direction of Svatovsky.

Nearby, a satisfied colleague clad in knee-high rubber boots grinned. On the rights of the cleverest, like that icebreaker, he volunteered to clear the way to the thicket, where we came to visit the gods of war. And at the same time get acquainted with the crews, which consist entirely of those who were mobilized at the front in Ukraine. Recently, relatives of those called to the special operations zone often complain to me in Telegram about the difficult conditions at the front: “Water in the trenches, it rains, they sleep in dugouts.”

On the one hand, citizens can be understood – they are worried about their husbands, brothers, sons. And it is difficult for a purely peaceful person to immediately accept that the same Donbass has been fighting under these conditions for the 9th year.

Well, dirty.  Where are you leaving her?

Well, dirty. Where are you leaving her?

A picture: Alexander KOTS

On the other hand, after all, the Charter says that a soldier is obliged to “steadfastly endure all the hardships and hardships of the service.” Although this does not mean that you can plow on it like a draft horse.

On the third, as I warned at the beginning of the mobilization, no one will run after the fighter and equip his life. You have to work with your own hands.

And I noticed a long time ago that everything depends primarily on the commander. As a rule, when a competent officer can organize the work of subordinates, there are no serious problems. And where the fighters are left to fend for themselves, the complaints begin. So what is the news about the special operation on November 24, 2022?

Self-propelled gun “Malka” caliber 203 mm

A picture: Alexander KOTS


– Well, dirty. Where are you leaving her? Nor does she help anyone in civilian life. Normally we deal with it, – with a poorly hidden smile, the mobilized with the call sign “Eagle”, the crew number of the self-propelled gun “Malka” of 203 mm caliber, looked at us from head to toe.

After a short trip through the forest, we completely absorbed the local landscape and got dirty “to the whiskers”. “Eagle” – from Kotovsk, Tambov region. In the “past” life – a builder, built shopping centers, was engaged in decoration. He says when they handed over the subpoena, “mowing down” wasn’t even a thought. Several weeks of training on the training ground, and now he is actually in the foreground – a stone’s throw from his jewelry store. So, together with a partner from Kotovsk – one is 32 years old, the other is 38 – he called his car.

– In fact, a deadly weapon – the “Eagle” looks respectfully at the multi-ton behemoth.

– Do you come in often?

– Do you think why we called her “Jeweller”, winks the partner of “Eagle” by the call sign “Golden”, in the world – a welder.

– Is there a goal that stands out in particular?

– We then worked in the direction of Kharkov, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bKazakhya Lopan, intelligence yielded targets. There the enemy was seriously reinforced, concreted. Well, in short, we break them. The scouts then thanked us via the link.

Do you work closely with them?

– Yes of course. They give us coordinates.

No one will run after a fighter and equip his life.  Must work with your hands

No one will run after a fighter and equip his life. Must work with your hands

A picture: Alexander KOTS

This is an example of what is called working online. The special forces of the Western Military District identify targets during reconnaissance and immediately, bypassing the complex system of hierarchy and subordination, transmit data to the gunners. Ready to strike in two minutes.

– We have a calculation of “Tulip” (the largest mortar in the world – 240 mm caliber) from the mobilized, preparing to fire three times faster than the standard, – the accompanying officer leads us through the camp.


There is an opportunity to see how the hunters live in the conditions of the autumn thaw. Tents – “barracks” are scattered throughout the forest. There is a shower, a bathhouse and a “cafe” where we are treated to the remains of a barbecue – the day before the men celebrated artillery day in a modest way.

On tensioned ropes, under the pouring rain, the washed uniform is “drying”. It looks hellish.

There is an opportunity to see how the hunters live in the conditions of the autumn thaw

There is an opportunity to see how the hunters live in the conditions of the autumn thaw

A picture: Alexander KOTS

I remember how many years I was engaged in military archeology on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War in the Novgorod region. There, in the swamps, where the Second Shock Army fell. I was always amazed how our grandfathers managed to fight in such unbearable conditions – constant humidity, cold, all the “charms” of forest life – from mosquitoes to chvaks underfoot, striving to suck your boot …

And you are in the midst of all this “splendor”, look at ordinary Russian peasants who have outwardly become real soldiers, and you understand what genes are in their practical expression.

A picture: Alexander KOTS


And here is the same crew record holder. Zhenek is a modest man from the village of Verkhniy Shebryay, also in the Tambov region. He was a laborer on a farm and now he delivers mines the size of half a man’s length. He admits it was unusual and even scary at first. But then I got used to it.

Fighters rejoice like children when they hit targets

Fighters rejoice like children when they hit targets

A picture: Alexander KOTS

How much do you shoot per day on average? I ask Zhenya.

– Ten.

– It is much?

– I think it’s not enough. Could be more. Desire to eat.

– You should have seen how happy they are when they are informed about defeating targets. Really, like children, – admits the escort. – And in terms of professional qualities, they are no longer distinguishable from personnel calculations. Sometimes they can give you an edge.


At that moment, something rustled behind the walls of the “cafe”. As if someone abruptly turned on the sound of a waterfall. The increasing rain broke through a small dam somewhere and streams of water flowed through the camp.

– Well, we will rearrange the tents again, – one of the fighters standing nearby shrugged.

Moreover, he said this as if he was going to a neighboring house to get bread.

– So if we did it for the second or third time … We don’t stay in one place for long. We’ve had so many of these moves that one more, one less…

Svatovsky line has become a new “notch line”.

A picture: Alexander KOTS

The guys, as they say, are in a breakthrough direction. The Swatovka Line has become a new “security line” for the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic, which the enemy has been trying to break through for several months. He planned to take the city of Svatovo on October 17, but something went wrong. The defense line in Ukraine began to be saturated with equipment and mobilized aid, which could stop the enemy’s attack.

Today, endless columns of civilian trucks are moving towards the Svatovsky border. Some carry concrete cones, from which impenetrable barriers are formed, others – building materials, from which fortifications and living caves are erected. Tractors, excavators, cranes work in the field… Not a soldier with a shovel, but civilian builders who build defense lines according to all the canons of military science.

A picture: Alexander KOTS


– How does the enemy behave? – I ask a fighter in one of the positions.

– Periodically tries his hand. Of course, tries to get around from the flanks. So far, everything is generally fine, receives an appropriate rejection.

– How long have you been at war?

– Eight months. I fought back in 2014. I’m local, from Red Luch. Vladimir Savchenko. I was both an adviser to the first head of the republic and an assistant to the second. And he worked in a mine. Manage, but underground. And in the city council. As they say, where the Motherland demanded, he was in demand there.

– Did you come here on the agenda?

– Volunteer. I was in the resistance, helped organize the 2014 referendum. Well, to rewind and destroy what was made with your own hands? What is the motivation? Here it is! My wife is also an officer. How can she feel this? As it should be. Understandably, with emotion. This is a woman, such moments are a step from joy to tears.

Tractors, excavators, cranes work on the land ...

Tractors, excavators, cranes work on the land …

A picture: Alexander KOTS


– The situation with us is always difficult, – says the battalion commander with the call sign “Oskol” and twenty shell shocks standing next to him. – In principle, the enemy tries to break through almost every day, they do not spare their strength, they do not spare their people … Sometimes there is intense artillery fire. Under the guise of approaching in groups, one goes on the attack, the second guards. When they run out of ammunition, the second group joins the battle. Well, and in this way they try to push through.

Does the weather have a strong influence on the course of hostilities?

– Dirty. Very dirty… There’s water in the trenches. Now the guys are trying with all their might to eliminate it. Of course people are tired. But on the other side the sun doesn’t shine…

A picture: Alexander KOTS

Behind the battalion commander’s back, the fighters broke through the drainage channels with shovels so that the water would leave the trenches. Apparently, until the ground freezes, the enemy will not take any serious offensive action. Although Kiev, after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson, moved part of its troops from there to the direction of Svatov. The enemy does not lose hope of squeezing into LPR territory.

By Peter Kavinsky

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