More than 300 Soviet monuments to be dismantled in Estonia – DW – 11-24-2022

BEE Estonia dismantle most Soviet monuments from a list drawn up by a special working group commissioned by the government, said the group’s head, Asko Kivinuk. “Soviet monuments from the list prepared by the working group of the State Chancellery will be dismantled as soon as possible,” he told the ERR broadcasting portal on Thursday, November 24.

According to Kivinuk, the list contains 322 monuments and tombstones Soviet symbols133 of them are installed in military graves, their dismantling can begin immediately, and the Soviet soldiers lying in the graves will be reburied.

Reburial of fallen Soviet soldiers

Kivinuk found it difficult to say how many soldiers would need to be reburied and where they would be buried. “It depends on the specific military cemetery. Several of the fallen are buried in some graves, while hundreds are buried in others. Where are they buried? The current practice is that, in cooperation with the local government, they are buried in the nearest cemetery,” he said.

The official also could not say how much Soviet monuments will be destroyed and how much will be sent to museums. “I can’t give an exact number, but I think most of them will be destroyed,” he said.

The working group was formed by the government decision of August 4 “On the transfer of monuments with the symbols of the occupation from the Estonian public space.” Its activities and the names of the compilers of the lists are secret, as they are said to be “opposed by forces interested in influencing the members of the task force”.

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