Mysterious murder in Moscow: the criminal cut four people at night in the style of “Rambo” and disappeared without a trace

Several 20-year-old University of Idaho students shared a small house near campus.

Several 20-year-old University of Idaho students shared a small house near campus.

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In recent days, almost every news item from all US TV channels has started reporting from Moscow. And this is not at all about the Russian capital, but about a small town of the same name, located in the state of Idaho.

Only 25,000 people live in Moscow, USA. It can be said that everyone here knows each other. Even despite the fact that every year several thousand young people become American Muscovites, and every year the same number of people leave this city. The fact is that one of the oldest American universities, the University of Idaho, is located in Moscow.

There is no crime chronicle in local newspapers. Yes, and what to write about, when the most high-profile “crimes” here have been student drinking and occasional brawls for years. But the mass murder that took place here a few days ago shocked not only all of Moscow, but all of America.

Several 20-year-old University of Idaho students rented a small house close to campus. During the night, four of the six people in the house were stabbed to death – three girls and a boy, who was a close friend of one of them. Nothing was stolen from the house and no traces of sexual assault were found.

For more than a week, detectives have been trying to find the killer. Surprisingly, they have no leads so far. In the first and only statement, law enforcement officials said they did not consider the surviving tenants to be suspects. Although, it is possible that this is one of the police tricks used to make a relaxed criminal betray himself through some action.

The suspects initially included the ex-boyfriend of one of the dead girls. She is known to have called him several times before her death. But the man has a solid alibi and excellent features. Even the deceased’s family does not believe in his involvement in the vile murder.

There is reason to believe that at least one of those stabbed to death knew the killer, who was apparently well aware of the house and was able to enter undetected. Also in favor of this version is the fact that the three victims were killed in their sleep, and only one of the victims resisted the killer and, most likely, was not asleep. But it is currently not possible to check all classmates or even all students – almost all of them went home for Thanksgiving.

The murder weapon was also not found. Investigation revealed that it was a long knife. With a high degree of probability – the Ka-Bar brand: such knives, used by the US army during World War II, became popular in the movie “Rambo”. In the US they are still sold in building materials stores. The long Ka-Bar knife has a sharp blade on one side and a serrated edge on the other. They are popular with workers, farmers and hunters. There is only one such store in Moscow and FBI agents are trying to determine who has been selling such knives there in recent months.

All versions are worked out – from a failed robbery to revenge. Investigators also believe the crime may still be sexually motivated. Forensic psychiatrists do not rule out such an underlying reason. “This could be a crime of passion. The perpetrator could feel his victim’s breath before he stabbed the knife in her chest,” one of them suggested.

Frightened townspeople also contribute. Police have even opened a special phone line that anyone with information about the tragedy can call. But the bulk of vigilant Muscovites for some reason tend to the version of ritual murder. Although the city has never heard of cults or secret societies.

Metropolitan researchers and experts have already arrived in Moscow to help local researchers. But so far the mystery of the mysterious murder has not been revealed.

By Peter Kavinsky

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