National court blocks for book piracy

Madrid (EFE) – A national court has ordered the blocking of the website for facilitating the illegal download of over 2,400 titles of books, most of which are new literature for all ages.

The Central Administrative Court No. 5 of the National Court of Justice authorized the blocking of access to the website due to book piracy at the request of Cedro (Association of Authors and Publishers of Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Scores), according to the institution in advance this Wednesday in a note.

“This has been shown to facilitate illegal access to 2,410 book titles,” said Jorge Corrales, CEO of Cedro, who began the process in 2021 on behalf of authors and publishers affected by this pirated page.

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Man surfs the Internet, image file. EFE/Jose Mendez

Corrales explained that they have developed a “digital ecosystem” with tools to not only manage copyright, but also to detect web pages and channels on social networks and messaging services where books, newspapers, magazines and sheet music are being pirated.

“We are helping to make the digital realm a safe space for authors and publishers of cultural and written knowledge,” he said.

As a consequence of the resolution, Spanish Internet access providers must disable access to any web domain that the person in charge may use or that redirects to the specified page, as well as to all those “proxy sites” that serve as intermediaries to access the previous one.

By Peter Kavinsky

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