National Team words from İrfan Can Kahveci and Serdar Gürler!

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İrfan Can Kahveci and Serdar Gürler made statements to the press members of our National Football Team, which will face Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands in the UEFA Nations League. İrfan Can said, “I have had a lot of injuries, performance drops, but I am very happy to fight with the national jersey again.” saying; Serdar Gürler said, “I will do my best.” used his statements. Here are those words…

National Team News Release Date: 20.09.2022- 11:19 Update Date: 20.09.2022- 12:03


İrfan Can Kahveci stated that she is very happy to be in the national team after a long break and said, “I missed this place so much. I hope we can complete the Nations League without conceding a goal. Our goal is to get 6 points in 2 matches without conceding a goal. Everything is going well for me at the moment and I hope “I will continue this here. I was away from the national team for a while. There were injuries and poor performance. But I am happy to be here again. Fighting for the national jersey is a joy for me,” he said.

Favorite in the World Cup İrfan CanHe said, “I don’t have a favorite in the World Cup. My favorite team is always Turkey,” and he said about his taking more responsibility in the matches, “When I’m physically good, I can give myself to the matches. I had very unlucky times. I hope the next one will be good for me and more. “I try everything on the field. There is a nice family atmosphere here. Our teacher is also warm-blooded. I try to help our young brothers as much as I can,” he said.

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