NATO Secretary General does not think Sweden’s accession will be delayed – DW – 11-21-2022

General Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg does not believe that Sweden’s accession process to the alliance, which was initiated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, will be slowed down. “It is perfectly normal that it will take some time and that another round of talks will be needed,” – said Stoltenberg in an interview with the Swedish television channel SVT, which he broadcast on Sunday 20 November.

“What is unusual about this time is that the process has moved so quickly – from the Swedish and Finnish bids in May to the invitation in June – and that 28 countries have already ratified the agreement – ​​considerably faster than any other accession process. Ed.) to NATO in modern history,” said the head of the alliance.

Stoltenberg: Sweden and Finland must tighten up anti-terrorism legislation

Jens Stoltenberg believes that Sweden and Finland anti-terrorism legislation needs to be strengthened and cooperation with other NATO countries, including Turkey, to combat terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) increased.

This is important for Turkey, as it is a NATO member state that has been subjected to terrorist attacks more than others and is therefore concerned about this, Stoltenberg said.

He added that the response should be proportionate, but that Turkey has the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.

Germany’s foreign minister urged NATO expansion to be given the green light

On 10 November, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock explicitly called on Turkey and Hungary to give Sweden and Finland the green light to join NATO. Ankara and Budapest at the June summit North Atlantic Alliance Madrid promised to facilitate the entry of the two northern European countries into the bloc. “That’s what needs to happen now,” Burbock said during a meeting with her Swedish counterpart, Tobias Billström.

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