New measures on Istiklal Street, “general order” from the Istanbul Governor’s Office

New measures on Istiklal Street, “general order” from the Istanbul Governor’s Office

After the terrorist attack, the Governor of Istanbul, Ali Yerlikaya, issued a “General Order” regarding the measures to be taken to protect security, peace and order on Istiklal Street, and to accelerate the current pedestrian traffic flow.

In the General Order dated November 24, 2022 and numbered 2022/1, “Unfortunately, 81 people were injured as a result of the terrorist attack carried out on Sunday, November 13, 2022, in the Istiklal Street of our Beyoğlu District, where historical, economic, social, cultural and touristic activities are carried out most intensively. 6 of our citizens lost their lives. A common demand in all consultations with store operators, tradesmen, professional organizations, local administrations and security units operating on Istiklal Street, which is approximately 1,400 meters long and has the heaviest pedestrian traffic in our country; Tramway transportation and pedestrian traffic flow and maintaining continuity.

On the other hand, it is considered that the same issue is of critical importance in ensuring public order and well-being and general security.

In this context, the new measures taken on Istiklal Street are stated as follows:

– Tables, chairs, boards, mobile signboards, etc., are placed on the street by businesses on the street for any purpose. to be placed,
– Establishment of a stand,
– Opening the exhibition,
– Making mobile sales and placing a sales counter,
– Organizing social, cultural or commercial events,
– Collective or individual street musicians and performance shows,
– Hanutist activities,
– And the like will certainly not be allowed.”

In the General Order, it was stated that the necessary measures were taken by the authorized and responsible institutions/organizations, the sensitive implementation of the order in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provincial Administration Law No.

By Peter Kavinsky

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