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The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management presents a new series of points with a quarterly interval in collaboration with the motor vehicle association.

The main themes are safe distance (the two-second rule and how to apply it) and the new wife (warning about activities that distract the idea). The new heads will be used in the test on January 23.

Ji Novotn of the Autokol R Association explains that the new issues are based on the principles of safe driving. How do you determine the optimum safe distance behind the vehicle in front? This is the main question of the tests, which, according to Novotný idei, they have a big problem with on the roads in practice.

One of the headings draws attention to the peculiarities of autumn traffic, in which agricultural machinery appears on the roads. In the tests, the issue of the correct use of hands-free kits for women may arise. At the start of the school year, some questions will also be devoted to vulnerable road users, such as children, or specific traffic situations.

the fourth set for the same period is presented by the Autokolny Association, there are ten new static numbers plus eleven dynamic ones.

The new autocycle exam questions, which have been used in the test over the past year, are slightly more difficult for students than the old questions. Students show an error rate of around 12 percent, which is about those percentage points more than with the old test questions.

In the meantime, the ministry praises the functionality of the new assignments in practice. Milan Janda, the guarantor for the new autocycle program for the Ministry of Transport, said the department did not want the new cars to be more complex, but different from the existing ones. According to him, the low error rate of the new sets proves these goals.

Milan Janda revealed that the most answered dynamic question was the replacement of the previous motorcyclist. Of the 1,208, 616 editors answered correctly. That means a 51 percent chance, he quotes statistics. On the other hand, there was 100% success in the issue of sexual risks.

The least frequently answered static question (55 percent of the time) was about driving skills. Milan Janda points out that the designer made a mistake with the orientation of the traffic sign (vertical traffic sign vs. light signal). According to the representative of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, this should be an incentive for car bicycles to pay attention to the issue of turnstiles with light signals. the adepts often made mistakes with the question, which is based on the initiative of the examination boards, and that is the perception of road signs in traffic.

A year ago, the first set of the new generation of wheel bolts was presented to the public. There have been a total of 100 static issues so far and dynamic issues (videos, animations), nine of which are included in the second and third series. In total, there are now 130 new titles and 20 dynamic titles based on video or animation in tests.

By 2023, the Autokol Association and the Ministry of Transport aim to reach the target of 1,400 items, now there are about 900. Each applicant is currently on trial for 25 items.

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management will continue to distribute the header sets, in the past it announced their installation approximately every quarter. In the future, for example, with new forms of questions for which time would be limited or to which you would not be able to come back for an answer. Questions are tailored to specific situations, such as time of day, weather, traffic, etc.

Getting a new car

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management is considering a long-term amendment to the legislation, which would change the form of the exam in driving lessons, include new topics and change the number of questions.

When it comes to innovations in the automotive industry, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management draws inspiration from abroad and collaborates with universities and specialized institutions. According to him, with the support of the professional public, things could change in the coming years.

Experts call for change. While in the 1980s and 1970s Slovak car bikes were absolutely world class and foreign instructors could only see them, in the 1990s the situation started to turn around and now applicants for a driver’s license are working on tests with twenty year old standardized questions that can be learned. and used, do not reflect the current traffic situation on the road

In January, Transport Minister Martin Kupka announced the modernization of long-haul vehicles and the shape of autocycles as one of his top priorities.

In the Czech Republic, about 120,000 adatel rons pass the ID exam.

The theoretical tests conducted by the permit applicant were originally conducted on floors in 206 municipalities with a wide range of jurisdictions across the country. Take the tests online in the system of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Each candidate must pass and eventually pass them in order to proceed with the practical part of the exam, in the races.


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