Nightmare on the balcony! He broke into the house of the woman he was obsessed with

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An Afghan national, who entered the house of a Syrian woman who rejected her marriage proposal in Başakşehir, jumped from the balcony to avoid being caught by the family and escaped by entering the downstairs apartment.

According to the news of DHA, Resul Karakuş, the owner of the house that the Afghan youth entered to escape, said, “He jumped from the upper floor, entered the balcony and then into the kitchen and escaped. When my wife shouted, ‘There is someone in the house,’ I thought it was a thief.”


An Afghan national, who entered the flat on the 4th floor of a 5-storey apartment building in the district on Thursday, September 15, said that he was a Syrian national, Danie Ş., whom he proposed to marriage. talked to him for a while.

When the woman, who rejected her offer, informed her family, the Afghan national who jumped to the balcony of the 3rd floor to escape from the house, passed through the kitchen of the apartment and escaped through the door. Neighborhood residents said that the Afghan national became obsessed with Danie Ş. and followed him for a while. It was stated that Danie Ş. had informed his family and locked the door because he wanted the Afghan national to be caught. Fearing to be caught by the woman’s family, he jumped from the balcony and entered the downstairs apartment and escaped. The suspect, who was detained by the teams of Başakşehir District Police Department, was arrested.


The escape footage of the Afghan national was recorded by a resident of the neighborhood with a mobile phone camera. In the images, it is seen that he first hangs from the balcony to the lower floor, jumps to the balcony of the 3rd floor, and escapes by entering the house.


Resul Karakuş, the owner of the apartment that the Afghan youth entered to escape, said, “I was at home at that time. My wife entered while she was in the kitchen. She jumped from the top floor to the balcony, then to the kitchen and ran away. When my wife shouted that there was someone in the house, I thought it was a thief. She went until she got dressed and left. ‘ They said, ‘Call the child home and then call us, let’s talk first, if not, let’s beat him.’ When the Afghan youth comes in, the woman locks the door.

Resul Karakuş, who said that they were very surprised when they watched the mobile phone footage showing him jumping onto the balcony, said, “I am a cold-blooded person, but if I had encountered it, negative things could have happened. Fortunately, I did not see it.”

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