Nuriye Terim, the mother of Fatih Terim, passed away! Who is Nuriye Terim?

Fatih Terim‘s 91-year-old mother Nuriye Terim, AdanaHe died at his home in Nuriye Terim’s funeral will be buried in Asri Cemetery after the ceremony to be held on November 26, 2022.

On the other hand, Fatih Terim moved to Adana to accept his condolences and attend the funeral.


Nuriye Terim, who was the mother of Fatih Terim and was born in Adana in 1931, passed away on 25 November 2022 at the age of 91. Nuriye Terim’s wife and Talat Terim passed away on February 6, 2019. Talat Terim was 95 years old when he passed away.

Nuriye Terim also has a child named Taner Terim.

On the other hand, many clubs, especially Galatasaray, published a condolence message to the Terim family.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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