Nyusha’s husband justified himself for treason: “Someone in a couple loses sexuality”

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In December, Nyusha gave birth to her second child. During the pregnancy, her husband cheated on her. Photo: social networks.

Singer Nyusha recently admitted publicly that there was talk of betrayal in her marriage last year. Which of the spouses changed, the artist did not specify. But since she became pregnant and bore her second child in 2021, fans immediately found out that her husband, businessman Igor Sivov, had gone on a lavish streak. In the YouTube show “Light Around the World” by Svetlana Bondarchuk, Nyusha admitted that betrayal brought her a lot of pain, but nevertheless the artist decided to forgive her husband.

– Last year we had a lot of transformations. Lots of very positive things! Of course, this is a miracle baby that has appeared. But in fact, my husband and I went through a very difficult period in our relationship. Something has changed in our relationship. I wouldn’t want to dive into the details, like dirty laundry, of this situation. But I think it’s important to talk about it, and not leave these topics at the door, because this happens in the lives of millions of people, – said Nyusha.

Fans of the artist were outraged, and on social networks they bombarded Sivov with angry accusations. Nyusha’s husband was silent for a long time, but in the end he could not stand it and gave his opinion on this situation.

“You have the right to say what you want. Anger, hate – it’s not about me, my family, it’s about you. We both made the decision not only to tell, but to show by example that there are things in our lives that can be taken differently: not to tear, not to steer, but to see where this situation about,” said Igor.

The husband of the 32-year-old star began to educate subscribers, because he earns a living by training. Sivov positions himself as a self-analysis guru, business coach, culture ambassador of Conscious Parenting, author of psychological courses and training courses on parenting, leadership, relationships with oneself and the world.

“It’s not about who cheated on whom. The question is why did you choose this way? We want to show that you can’t just forgive, believe in it, but look inside, why did this happen? Why did you bring up this situation? Someone in a couple loses sexuality – why? The question should be asked to yourself, not your partner, “Nyusha’s husband is convinced.

Igor does not understand why Nyusha’s fans attacked him. Photo: social networks.

Sivov admitted that he cheated on himself, and it happened that they also cheated on him.

– I’ve had two jobs in this life, so I can talk about it. Nobody here makes excuses, we just broadcast what we feel. Many people think that famous personalities are doing well, they are so golden, everything is fine with them – never mind! We are also people who stand on a public pedestal, and we also have questions, problems, – said the star’s husband.

Recall that Nyusha became a mother for the second time last December. The singer has given birth to a son, Saffron. The artist also has a daughter, whom she and her husband named Simba. Her husband has two children from a previous marriage.

The singer met Sivov during the tour – he was the organizer of her concert in Kazan. For her sake, he quit his job and moved to Moscow. At the time of meeting Nyusha, Igor Sivov was married, but did not talk about it. The businessman hid the stamp in his passport from his beloved until last. When Nyusha found out that her chosen one was not free, she was very upset.

– I was not ready to become a mistress. His ex-wife did not want a divorce. We had to wait. But for me, this is a delicate situation, because no woman wants to break a family. It used to be a taboo for me too, but in life it happens that when you really don’t want something, it comes into your life,” said the singer.

Peter Kavinsky

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