Odessa authorities began an investigation into the monument to Catherine II

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Peter Kavinsky

At the initiative of the Mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, an Internet conference was held on September 19, with the participation of about 500 network users, proposing to conduct an electronic survey among city residents from September 20 to October 2 on the dismantling or preservation of the monument to Catherine II.

As a Ukrinform correspondent reports, on the evening of September 20, due to technical difficulties, the voting on the Socially Active Citizen web portal did not start – technical problems were not resolved until the morning of September 21.

The office of the mayor of Odessa offered to choose one of 7 answers: 1. Remove imperial symbols from the monument; 2. Disassemble only the statue of Catherine II from the monument; 3. Completely disassemble the monument; 4. Postpone the decision on the fate of the monument until the end of martial law; 5. Hold the monument in place without changes; 6. Keep the monument in place and add historical information about Catherine II’s activities; 7. Save the monument and move it to a special memorial park or museum.

It is noted that only residents of Odessa can participate in the vote. To do this, you must take a photo with the first page of the passport and the page where the registration or residence document is located.

Note that as of September 21, noon, more than 1,000 people participated in the study.

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As reported, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine warned Trukhanov to slow down the process of decolonizing Odessa’s space and history, as attempts to circumvent or delay decolonization “artificially increase tension in the city and risk social clashes or unrest.” to create .”

The regional KIU emphasized that in modern, European, successful and prosperous Odessa there is no place for imperial markings and stories.

The Odessa OVA believes that the city council should immediately resolve the issue of the dismantling and transfer of the monument to the Russian Empress Catherine II to the museum.

Photo: Petr Obukhov, Facebook

Peter Kavinsky

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