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The plane crashed into a family home and in addition to rescue workers, a helicopter was also on site. The pilot sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the flight. One person suffered minor injuries and was left at the scene, Radek Hes of the Karlovy Vary Region Health Service said. Police said on Twitter that the plane crashed in Podhrady.

The flying day was cut short for technical reasons. Vtina left the room to fly in peace, instead of the last PR people. The people left the arel in a really coordinated way. Get into the cars or the buses will be taken away, if you speak on the day of the flight Ji Por. The police and organizations are now investigating the circumstances and cause of the accident.

According to the registration, the plane came from the Ton Aviation Museum near Prague. People there declined to comment on the accident.

The Hurricane with the designation IV started in 1943. It was a barrel version against ground targets with those 20mm guns. The machine flew as a kind of world wolf in the service of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). Designated Mk.IV, it was fitted with a Merlin 24 or 27 engine, optimized for use in warm climates, and a single propeller. This version was equipped with a new gun that could carry two bombs, eight 60-pounder rockets or a 40-millimeter gun as needed. At present, 14,583 airworthy pieces of 15 aircraft and one last airworthy machine in the world in the Mk.IV version have been produced.

The main attraction of this year’s Aviation Day in Cheb was the Schwalbe twin-engine jet fighter, which, according to the organizers, changed the history of aviation. It is a rare and unique flying machine of its kind in Europe. The first jet aircraft produced in Slovakia was on display – the L29 Delfn, the most popular jet in the world at the time. This year also aerial acrobatics were performed by the 2018 Red Bull Air Race world champion pilot Martin onka with the Extra 300 SR device.


There have been plane crashes in Esk-Astja in the past year. the state for professional investigation of aviation accidents reported 946 last year, an increase of 17 percent in total.

All ground R accidents involved small aircraft up to 5,700 kilograms, mostly used for recreational and sports flights and in paranautical operations. especially for small and ultralight aircraft, gliders, helicopters and balloons.

Don’t be afraid of accidents on flying days and different tours, they still happen. In some cases with tragic consequences. In 2018, a replica of a historic aircraft fell on a flight at Strunkovice nad Blanice in Prachaticko during an aviation day. A 72-year-old pilot was killed in the crash. In June 2016, an ultralight aircraft crashed into Nymburk airport during an aviation day, killing both passengers. A month later, he crashed into a flight in Plasy in Plzeško on Friday, injuring a gathering of historic gliders; the pilot got out with only leg injuries.

In April 2014, the stunts of acrobatics in Krom proved fatal to the pilot of a small plane, which started to burn after a fall. In June 2006, at the European Veterans Show in Hradec Krlov, the historic Tiger Month double-decker was born; no one was injured. In 2005, a three-meter-long unmanned Sojka plane was damaged by a wreckage without consequences.


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