Only 14% of Ukrainians are willing to change their place of residence in the event of a blackout

65% of Ukrainians remain in their current place of residence during a power cut during the cold season.

This is evident from the results of a study conducted by the research agency Gradus Research, submitted to Ukrinform.

Another 14% of respondents, according to the survey, plan to travel to other regions of Ukraine or abroad, and another 20% have not yet decided.

So, as sociologists note, a total of 34% of respondents could form a potential next wave of migration, which will settle in the western regions of Ukraine and abroad.

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Regarding the heating situation, the majority (55%) of those surveyed rely solely on central heating to heat their homes, while only 33% rely on autonomous heating, and 5% have the option of using both at the same time. Of those who only have central heating, about half (48%) of those surveyed state that there are no alternative ways to heat their home, while those who have an alternative say that these are mainly electric heaters (48%).

At the same time, the closing schedule electricity is the most requested practical information, which is not enough for 42% of the respondents.

The research was carried out by the research agency Gradus Research using a self-completed questionnaire in a mobile application with financial support from the European Union and in collaboration with the Center for Economic Recovery. The Gradus online panel shows the population structure of cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants aged 18-60 by gender, age, settlement size and region. Surveyed during October 21-24, 2000 respondents.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at