Other countries’ reaction to Putin’s statement on mobilization in Russia

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Partial mobilization announced in Russia

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German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habek shouted the announcement Russia partial mobilization “wrong step”. He also added that the response to the Russian president’s decision would be discussed in Berlin.

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Address of the President of Russia alarming, his threats must be taken seriously, the British Foreign Secretary said Gillian Keegan. “Obviously this is something we have to take very seriously because, you know, we can’t control it.”

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During a briefing at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Wang Wenbing China calls on all parties to engage in dialogue and consultation to resolve all security issues. The diplomat stressed that this call comes from Beijing “after Putin warned the West.” Wenbing also recalled that “China’s position on Ukraine is consistent and clear.”

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Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak acknowledged that “President Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization was absolutely predictable.”

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And the US ambassador in Kiev Bridget Brink, after listening to the text of the speech of the Russian President, confirmedthat the Americans “will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes”.

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From Washington this has not yet been reported due to the difference in response time of US government officials. But Americans who learned the latest news from Russia late at night are publishing their comments on the web.

These comments appeared on the portal Yahoo news:

cheese head: I believe that the mobilized will not appear on the battlefield, they will occupy territories and not act as an attack force… NOW there will be a window for peace negotiations. Otherwise, everything will continue and the horrific losses of Ukraine’s armed forces will increase. Strike the iron while it is hot!

John: The neocons will not stop until they provoke a war with Russia. After that, the next one is China. They want complete world domination within their “rules-based order”. This means that they make the rules and everyone else has to follow. This will turn out badly.

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