Over 80% of Emergencies on Sochi Water Company’s Networks Are Eliminated Without Cutting People Off :: News

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Peter Kavinsky

Photo: Press service of the Sochi municipal unitary enterprise “Vodokanal”

In Sochi, about 150 emergencies were registered in the past week that occurred on the infrastructure of the water company. They all related to the reliability of the systems that provide clean drinking water to the population and guests of the resort, as well as the uninterrupted operation of communications for the disposal of untreated domestic and industrial wastewater. This is reported by the press service of MUP “Vodokanal” in Sochi.

“There were no emergencies at Sochi’s strategically important pumping and sewage stations, as well as at the treatment facilities (OSK). All facilities are working as normal and guaranteeing complete safe and comfortable living conditions for the population of the city,” the press service said.

According to the Sochi Vodokanal Situation Center, after the results of the past seven days, most of the ruptures have occurred in the pipelines of the Central, Lazarevsky and Khostinsky districts. The calamities were local in nature. In addition, they worked in the shortest possible time. In particular, we note that more than 80% of all accidents have been eliminated without large-scale shutdowns of the water supply.

We extend our special thanks to subscribers who report wind gusts discovered in the city. This relationship provides the company with additional information about the health of its infrastructure and allows you to respond quickly to emergencies.

At the same time, we appeal to representatives of the Criminal Code, Homeowners’ Associations, housing associations, etc. With the onset of the autumn-winter period, the “rainy season” traditionally begins at the resort, and some yards may be locally flooded. However, it is not necessary to open sewer wells to drain rainwater. They are not designed for this, they can just fail and cause major outflows. In return, it is better to ensure the availability and effective operation of stormwater drainage systems in advance.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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