Patriots offered to Poland are part of NATO air defense

Critical ‘Patriot’ statement from Germany

In a statement after meeting with his Estonian counterpart, Hanno Pevkur, in Berlin, Lambrecht distanced himself from the Polish government’s proposal for the deployment of Patriots in Ukraine, which Germany wants to send to this country to support Poland’s air defense.

Pointing out that the Patriot missile defense systems in question are part of NATO’s air defense and are intended for NATO regions, Lambrecht said, “If deployed outside NATO territory, this should be consulted with NATO and allies in advance.” said.

Reminding that a missile fell on the village of Przewodow on the Ukrainian border of Poland on November 15, Lambrecht noted that Germany offered to give this support to Poland in this particular case.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak stated on Twitter that after Russia’s latest attacks, he wanted the Patriots offered to Germany to be transferred to Ukraine and deployed to the western border, “This way, Ukraine will be protected from new losses and power cuts, and the security of the common border will be strengthened. ” had used the phrase.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also supported Blaszczak, stating that this was a good offer to simultaneously protect both sides of the Ukraine-Polish border.

After a missile hit the village of Przewodow, on the Polish border with Ukraine, on November 15, Germany offered to support Poland with Eurofighter warplanes and Patriot missile defense system to secure its airspace.

After meeting with Blaszczak on 21 November, Lambrecht said, “I agreed with my Polish colleague Mariusz Blaszczak to send Patriot missile defense systems to Poland and to support the protection of Polish airspace with Eurofighters.”​

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By Peter Kavinsky

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