Pekarov Adamov goes to Taiwan with businessmen, ast SPD neoekv | House


This is how we lead Senta chairman Miloe Vystrila on the way, Pekarov Adamov said during a meeting with the newspaper. Contact with Taiwan began two years ago on the right of Sentu’s chairman in an alliance with Milo Vystril. There were threats and protests and the disapproval of the castle and the representative of the then government, Andrej Babie.

According to the House of Representatives, the parliamentary delegation’s trip to Taiwan will take about a week and could continue to Jin Korea, but no decision has yet been made.

You will be surprised that the plane will not be able to fly to Taiwan from Russia, which has unleashed the wolf against Ukraine, nor from Russia, which reacts allergically to attempts to legitimize Taiwan, considering it only as its province.

If V4 doesn’t work, work differently, to the House of Representatives

Pekarov Adamov said that the tours led by the Chamber of Deputies to Israel, the US and the Baltic states are already full in the fifth year.

If the V4 doesn’t work, other ways will work, said Pekarov Adamov, referring to the fact that while the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, as well as the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, support the Ukraine attacked by the Russians. aggressor, Hungary refuses to allow its country to send weapons to help Russia to the attacked sttu.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whom I will meet in Koice on Thursday at the first meeting of the governments of the V4 countries, caused a stir by saying that the football match between Hungary and the Czech Republic had been played lou with a map of the so-called Great Maarsk, including Transcarpathia of Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. Hungary’s neighboring countries continued to protest against this.


By Peter Kavinsky

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