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PM Kisan CSC login new link, farmer registration

PM Kisan CSC login new link, farmer registration

PM Kisan CSC login new link, farmer registration

If you apply for the PM Kisan Summon Financial Scheme and fail to recognize your eKYC, you will not be eligible for the next payment PM Kisan Yojana. You must pay the tenth fee, otherwise you will not receive it immediately. As a result, you will have to complete the PM Kisan CSC to receive the disbursement funds under the Prime Minister Kisan Summon Fund Scheme.


PM Kisan CSC


Consider the following scenario: You are a beneficiary of the Prime Minister Kisan Summon Financial Scheme. Once you are eligible to access the benefits of the program, you must complete the PM Kisan eKYC procedure available online. To benefit from the program, you must comply with its requirements. The 11th installment of PM Kisan is scheduled to be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account in the first or second week of April 2022, depending on the date of birth of the beneficiary. The 11th installment of PM Kisan will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Name of Scheme PMKisan Samman Nidhi Yojana List (PMKISAN)
in Language Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme List
Launched by By the central government
Beneficiaries Small and marginal farmers of the country
Major Benefit Rs. 6000 Given in 3 installments of 2000 each
Scheme Objective Providing financial assistance to farmers
Scheme under State Government
Name of State All India
Post Category Scheme/ Yojana


To avail the 11th installment of PM Kisan, only the beneficiaries who have completed the eKYC procedure on the official site will be eligible for the fee. If you have not done so before, go to PM Kisan’s official website and fill out the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi eKYC (Know Your Customer Electronic) form. If eKYC’s Xlink PM Kisan Gov section has not been completed yet, it should be completed immediately.

PM Kisan CSC login new link, farmer registration


Must complete PM Kisan Ekyc 2022 to graduate. This is now mandatory for all farmers in the country and they must complete the eKYC before they can sell their crops. Trying to finish your eKYC (Pm Kisan e-KYC) a second time is strongly encouraged. If your eKYC is currently in process, your next payment will be made shortly.


PM Kisan CSC Farmer Registration


In this section, we will learn about the procedures for completing eKYC for PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Project. You will also learn how a beneficiary can complete the KOYC for Bardar Minister Kisan Summon Financial Scheme.


  • The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi eKYC must be completed before you may access the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi official website.
  • When you first arrive at the official website, you will see a link to eKYC on the main page; click on this link, and it will take you to another page.
  • After entering the essential information on the redirected web page, which will ask for your Aadhar Number and Aadhar Linked Mobile Number, click on the Search button.
  • You will be sent to a new webpage after selecting the previously indicated option, where you will be asked to enter your OTP, fill in the required credentials, and complete the PM Kisan eKYC procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions


PM Kisan What is the procedure for registration of new farmers?
To apply for this program, please visit PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana’s official website @ After visiting the official website, the New Farmer Registration tab will appear on the homepage. Tap it.

What is the process for linking my account number with PM Kisan?
To register for eKYC, visit PM-Kisan’s official website On the right hand side, click on the ‘eKYC’ option. Enter the captcha code and your Aadhaar card number. You must also enter your mobile number.


Official Website Click Here
DMER Homepage Click Here

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