Politician Ilya Yashin extended his arrest for six months – DW – 11-23-2022

Moscow’s Meshchansky Court has left the former municipal deputy of Krasnoselsky District in a pre-trial detention center Ilya Yashin until May 10, 2023. He is accused of “forgeries” about the Russian army. On Wednesday, November 23, online publications report “Media Zone” and SOTA.

For the first time in months of meetings, the prosecutor indicated that Yashin owns a third of the apartment in the “unfriendly country” of Bulgaria, and this could help the politician escape investigation if the court eases the preventive measure.

Yashin asked for bail of 5.1 million rubles. He stressed that he was not trying to leave Russia, despite increased pressure to speak out against it wars with Ukraine. “I’m not leaving because I don’t think I’m doing anything against the interests of my country. I’m a patriot of Russia,” Mediazona quoted Yashin as saying. Judge Oksana Goryunova agreed with the prosecution. The hearing of the case on the merits was postponed to November 29.

Before the meeting, Yashin told reporters that he feels relatively well in SIZO-2 “Butyrka” – “as comfortable as possible to live in prison, it’s normal,” reports the Dozhd TV channel.

Criminal case for broadcast on YouTube

Reason for persecution Ilya Yashin aired on the opposition’s YouTube channel in April, talking about the killing of civilians during the Russian occupation of Bucha, a suburb of Kiev. The article on “fakes” about the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the basis of political hatred, of which he is accused, provides for up to ten years in prison.

Yashin has been detained since July 13, a few days after the arrest, the Ministry of Justice declared the politician a “natural person-foreign agent”. His bank accounts have been arrested, according to the detective.

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