Presentation of the 51st Molodist Film Festival took place in Kiev

Announced the program and format of the Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist”, which will be held from December 1 to 7.

This was reported during press conferences to the beginning of the 51st KIFF Molodist, reports Ukrinform.

“This festival is in line with the message that culture lives and develops during the war, that it is part of the global film culture. On the other hand, we strive to give viewers the opportunity to switch a bit from news to serious cinema. so this isn’t exactly entertainment,” said Andrey Khalpakhchi, the festival’s artistic director.

He notes that the current formula will be more modest than in previous years. According to him, they just had to leave the main international competition and stop the programs of documentary films, children’s films and the program “Sunny Bunny”.

“The national competition was held in Hamburg. We will repeat the award ceremony of our laureates, at the same time we will hold out-of-competition screenings,” added Khalpakhchi.

The festival begins on December 1 at the cinema “Zhovten” and lasts until December 3, and then – from December 4 to December 7 – an unofficial part of the festival – “spectator days” will take place.

The organizers emphasized that on December 3, the international jury, which has already participated in the viewing of films, will name the winners of the film festival. This year, the films will be judged by Ukrainian and foreign experts, in particular the general director of the Ukrainian Institute Volodymyr Sheiko, the US festival curator Dorota Lekh, the philosopher and journalist Michel Elchaninoff and the Ukrainian film and series producer Terentyev. Chairman is the executive director of the Berlinale, Mariette Riesenbeck.

Khalpakhchi emphasized that cash prizes are only provided in the national competition, namely: UAH 100,000 for the best feature film and UAH 60,000 for a short film. The prize in the international competition is a silver-gilt figurine of a deer with diamond eyes.

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“If our filmmakers are looking for money abroad, it makes no sense to ask our sponsors for cash prizes for foreign films,” explains Khalpakhchi.

As noted by the festival’s program coordinator Victor Glon, student films, full-length and short films will be screened during the competition.

“With feature films, the emphasis is on Ukrainian cinema: four out of ten films are Ukrainian,” emphasizes Glon.

According to him, the films of Ukrainian directors, who have already been noticed at many international festivals, will be presented. In particular, the house “The Word” by Taras Tomenko, “Me and Felix” by Irina Tsylyk, “Pamfir” by Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk and “Vision of a Butterfly” by Maxim Nakonechny. The remaining six films geographically cover Poland, Pakistan, Brazil and the US.

The out-of-competition program will be shortened, as will Scandinavian Panorama, which will feature four films, half as many as in previous years. Glon also announced four films – winners of other festivals. For lovers of film experiments, the program “Forma” is shown, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Ukrainian premieres are presented separately.

“We are proud of two films from this section – “Pokut” by Andrey Kokura and “With love, Luka” by Vadislav Marisik, which were shot by 18-year-old directors at their own expense,” said Glon.

Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist” is the largest modern film festival in Ukraine. Until 2016, it was held every year in the last ten days of October. The festival is considered one of the largest specialized film events in Ukraine and Eastern Europe according to the International Association of Film Producers.

By Peter Kavinsky

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