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Description of Mir card from Kalın

Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim KalinStating that the allegations that Russia broke the sanctions through Turkish banks are untrue, he said, “There is no basis for these claims. What we call a Mir card is a card that is limited for the daily spending of Russian tourists when they come to Turkey.”

Kalin answered questions and made evaluations on the agenda during the live broadcast on NTV.

Kalin said that Samarkand and New York contacts are a link of intense and dynamic diplomatic initiatives that are now customary in Turkish foreign policy.

Referring to the referendum that Russia wants to hold in some parts of Ukraine, Kalın stated that they did not find such unilateral initiatives correct and said, “We do not recognize the 2014 Crimean referendum and its result, namely the annexation of Russia, and our situation is clear in such referendums. When you look at the larger picture, “This constitutes a new phase of the ongoing struggle between Russia and the West.” used the phrases.

Kalin stated that for the end of the Russia-Ukraine war, a diplomatic negotiation process should be started on the basis of international law, and that Turkey is the only country that does this sincerely and seriously.


Stating that the MIT played a very important role in the exchange process regarding the process under Turkey’s mediation, Kalın shared the following information:

“Actually, this process was a negotiation process that has been going on for about 3.5 months. There are many details about names, lists, who will be left and where they will go. We did not make much public statement until the issue was concluded, but our President kept this issue very warm at the level of leader diplomacy. Mr. He had many meetings with Putin and Mr. Zelensky. There were 200 names, but 15 names could not be understood. There was a conflict. Then that list narrowed, it did not reach Lviv. Then we said let’s continue the negotiations a little more. Then it dropped to 5 names. All 5 names came to Turkey and they will be under our protection until the war is over.”

Stating that Russia is concerned about its own ships being seized in the grain corridor, Kalın said that there was a partial decrease in Russian shipments.


Asked about the allegation that Russia violated the sanctions through Turkish banks, Kalın said: “There is no basis for these claims. What we call a Mir card is a card that is limited to the daily spending of Russian tourists when they come to Turkey. We are not in a position to ban Russian tourists from coming to our country. Tourists coming here.” He can use other cards just as he uses other cards.” said.

Asked about the video of Putin’s surprise while greeting the Russian delegation in Samarkand, Kalın said that he watched the footage later.

Kalin said, “When we entered the hall, the Russian delegation was in front of me. There were two of my colleagues holding hands as if they were saying hello. We had time. There was also a matter, frankly, that we needed to talk about before the meeting started. It was such a situation of half-shoulder greeting, when my colleague did it, I said. I replied, and the other one did. as if saying, to our Hakan Fidan Bey.” he said.

“When and to what extent will there be political contact with Damascus?” Answering the question, Kalın stated that there is no such plan at the moment and said, “As our President has stated, our intelligence units hold meetings with relevant places when necessary.” used the phrases.


Evaluating the USA’s decision to lift the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA), Kalın said: “We consider it a very wrong decision by the American administration to lift the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot Administration. It is possible that this will contribute to regional peace, peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is not a question of contributing to the Cyprus peace process.” he said.


According to the news of AA; When asked whether a return visit will be made to Israel, Sözcü Kalın reminded that there will not be such a visit in the near term because their agenda is very busy, and that there will be elections in Israel.

Kalin continued his words as follows:

“We see normalization with Israel as important both in terms of our bilateral relations, the Palestinian issue and the region. We have said before, our bilateral relations have continued well despite all the difficulties in terms of trade and humanity, but another issue that is just as important is fairness in the Palestinian issue. It is of great importance that a permanent and permanent solution can be found and the two-state solution can be implemented, and Turkey’s involvement in this process.”


Noting that there is a serious willingness on energy cooperation, not only between Israel and Turkey, but also on the European side, Kalın said, “After the Ukraine-Russia war, Europe faces an energy crisis again. There are two alternatives. One is the strengthening of TANAP. “The second alternative would be for the gas to be obtained from the Eastern Mediterranean to Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, to Europe via Turkey. In both cases, Europe’s energy security depends on Turkey,” he said.

Kalin expressed that he was deeply saddened by the death of a young woman in detention in Iran, and that it is their basic desire to have an approach that prioritizes social peace and tranquility.

Stating that a peace agreement was negotiated between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Kalın made the following assessment:

“Actually, when we look at some objective conditions, there is a strong will that the future will proceed through negotiations again. The main problem here, of course, is, as you know, a ceasefire agreement was made after the 44-day Karabakh War last year, but a peace agreement has not been made yet. A peace agreement is currently being negotiated between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is of course a very comprehensive agreement. In other words, it is a very important agreement that will determine the steps that the two states will take in the process of normalization, their borders, border security, corridor, the situation of Armenian citizens staying in Azerbaijani lands. Getting this agreement right will play a critical role in determining peace and stability in the Caucasus.”

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