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The price cap is available for public institutions and companies up to 250 employees with a turnover of up to 50 million euros.

Yes, the ceiling price is expensive, but not really expensive, because of the government proposal of the centenary club ODS and TOP 09 Zdenk Nytra. Prices have moved out of the fighter’s reach, Nytra said, which is why it was decided, he says, to cap the prices of electricity and gas correctly.

The Senate meets the days before the senate and municipal elections. The MPs approve the amendment to the Energy Act.

The opposition criticized that after the ceiling they will have to pay more for electronics than in other European countries.

We cannot afford to spend hundreds of billions of crowns, the chosen price ceiling for electricity and gas, Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Skela.

The government estimated the break-even cost of its proposal in the fifth year at 130 billion kronor. Dividends from state-owned companies and the extraordinary windfall or the tax on extraordinary profits and the revenue from emission rights should help pay for that. The form of the windfall tax, which Prime Minister Fiala will give to the government, has not yet been approved by the government. In addition to energy companies and banks, the petrochemical industry must also be involved.

Sentoi will even postpone the dream consumption tax on diesel

Sentoi thus approves the extension of the dream rate of the consumption tax on diesel. An extension of the levy by 1.5 crowns per liter could improve the competitive position of the carrier, according to the government. For were MPs from all parties except Pirt, who got angry.

The amendment was defended in the House of Representatives by Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura and Transport Minister Martin Kupka. It is a concrete help point for public transport, according to Kupka.

Fuel consumption can remain with diesel even after the increase to 8.45 K per liter instead of the previous 9.95 crowns per liter. The change represents an increase in revenue, with kronor 2.5 billion this year and kroner 9.6 billion next year.


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