Pugacheva’s grandson with his wife and Presnyakov’s kisses: how was the presentation of Natalia Podolskaya’s new show

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Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalya Podolskaya at the presentation of the show “Your Natasha”.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

Natalia Podolskaya now not only a singer, but also a presenter: on Tuesday evening, the star gathered friends in a restaurant in the center of Moscow to present her new show about raising children “Your Natasha”. Together with psychologist Mark Burton, she analyzes the stories of famous guests. The first was literally found in the house: on YouTube a problem with Vladimir Presnyakovy. Family business in action!

Nikita Presnyakov and his wife Alena Krasnova, Yulia Baranovskaya, Anita Tsoi, Marie Kraimbreri, Anna Grachevskaya came to congratulate the artist on their own project… And the hostess of the party herself happily posed for the cameras and told about her show. It’s not all about hype, it’s just about the parental benefit. There will be no crazy headlines, no blanketing yourself – just specific situations, personal experience and invaluable advice from a psychologist. At the same time, Podolskaya herself admitted that she had such specialists only twice in her life.

Nikita Presnyakov came to congratulate the singer with his wife Alena Krasnova.

A picture: Alena MARTYNOVA

– I’m a famous person. And so I go to an unknown specialist and let’s tell him from the curb what hurts me, what torments me – what is it like? I’m afraid, to be honest, – explained the artist. – Although Mark has now convinced me that all psychologists, ironically, keep clients’ secrets. God forbid you take one hit and your career is over.

Meanwhile, Podolskaya herself, the advice of an expert in raising children is very relevant. The singer has two sons: Artyom is seven years old, Vanya will soon be two.

Anita Tsoi.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

“My husband and I raise children in different ways and of course we argue about it,” the singer admitted. Take tears for example. Volodya believes that a man should not cry. And I, as a mother, on the contrary: tears are emotions, they have to be splashed out. But what if the baby is howling and roaring all the time? At what point should it be stopped? Yes, there are many topics for discussion. For example, it would be interesting for me to invite Sveta Bondarchuk for a visit, because she spends a lot of time with her husband’s daughter from another marriage. The child is constantly with them, and for the young girl Sveta has become a real authority. I think it’s a really cool experience. It wasn’t quite like that for me: When we started dating Vova, Nikita (about the eldest son of singer Nikita Presnyakov. – Ed.) was already 16 years old. He didn’t need any advice from me, he discussed everything with mom and dad.

Vladimir and Nikita Presnyakov.

A picture: Alena MARTYNOVA

Yulianna Karaulova.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

The eldest son of Podolskaya and Presnyakov entered first grade this year.

– At first he cried constantly, I thought it would never end. But now he has slowly adapted, he likes school, – said Natalia. – We filled it with mugs – there are both creative and sporty. You know what I think is the most important thing about my school days? Learn to make friends and learn languages ​​to travel the world freely. Tyoma is now going to study English, and the second extra, they say, is Chinese. I love to travel myself and live from one trip to the next, so the current restrictions on Russians are hard on me. However, this year we have been in Spain for three weeks and the only thing that has changed is that the flight has become more difficult. But we have never encountered any aggression or hostility against the Russians.

Julia Baranovskaya.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

Marie Crimebrery.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

Now, in addition to the parental chat, another constantly flashes on Podolskaya’s phone – the employee: “Your Natasha team.”

– From time to time I want to get out of there: I have never received so many messages! It’s worth getting out of the process for a few hours and you’ll receive 153 text messages. And quarrels, of course happen there, we rub against each other. But I’m the main peacemaker in our group: I pat everyone on the head and I write in a personal message to those who need to hit it. And so all day long. Sometimes I even start to forget that I’m a singer! – the star joked.

Natalia Podolskaya with the team.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

…start a new project.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

By the way, future guests of the project also came to the presentation party to Podolskaya. For example, blogger and mother of many children Kristina Dudkova, known on social networks by the nickname Kristitheon, has to restrain her eldest daughter Milliana: this blond angel regularly messes with her younger brothers.

– Mili has two, and it is precisely in this respect that I, as a mother, have many questions. For example, a daughter often cheats, puts her brothers on and comes out of the water herself dry,” said Dudkova. – So the last time she sent her brother to the store for candy, and he’s only four years old! It’s good that we have cameras in all the rooms of our house. But we still need the advice of a psychologist.

Blogger Kristina Dudkova with her daughter.

A picture: Ivan MAKEEV

Peter Kavinsky

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