Punishment for those who shot our prisoners will be inevitable

Oleg Kozhemyako

Oleg Kozhemyako

A picture: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Oleg Nikolaevich, what do the inhabitants of Primorye say about the execution of captured Russians by Ukrainian Nazis?

– You know, the subject is difficult for everyone.

I have already said that people understand what all these calls from Ukrainian propagandists and our “peace-loving people” lead to supposedly surrender to “stop the bloodshed”.

(Oleg Kozhemyako recently commented on the website on the appeal of the President of Ukraine Zelensky to the Marines of Primorye “with a call for surrender”. filling the “square” propaganda machine led by the United States. – AG)

These brutal executions of prisoners by Ukronazis, the attitude towards those who surrendered, is not included in any framework of legality, observance of human rights in accordance with international agreements, as well as the concepts of humanity in general.

There can’t even be any kind of humanism, some kind of moral principles, moral – just beastly manifestations.

People appreciate it that way.

– That is, you support Russia’s position, set out in appeals to the UN, to human rights organizations, to the world community: that this is barbarism, a violation of all international norms…

– In my opinion, every sane person supports it.

– There are opinions that Russia now has a free hand, and that in principle it can catch these criminals, these punishers who crack down on unarmed, defenseless people and punish them with dignity.

– I think punishment will be in any case.

And everyone will get it one way or another. Who thought there. Retaliation is inevitable. In some form.

– Do you communicate with the Primorsky people fighting on the front line, what are their moods?

– There is only one vote: we must win, we must bring this whole story to a logical conclusion under the conditions we need. Everyone is determined to work to the bitter end.

People understand that it is difficult, difficult to achieve the goal, especially for those who are mobilized, cut off from a peaceful life.

But they are trying to fulfill the tasks set by the command today.

And – they understand their responsibility for the country, and for the fact that it is necessary to end with fascism.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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