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Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvedchuk, March 10, 2020Photo: Reuters/Sputnik/Kremlin/A. Nikolsky

On the evening of September 21, Ukrainian media began showing images that could have looked incredible in the morning of the same day – buses stop on an incomprehensible highway, from which Ukrainian prisoners disembark. Of course, the prisoner exchange had happened before, although not often. But then the amazed spectators recognized the “Azovites” – the defenders of Mariupol, whom they did not even expect to see.

When I write “learned,” it’s not just a word. After the end of their many days of resistance in the catacombs plant “Azovstal” Russian army troops “Azov” in Ukraine have become a legend. Posters with their photos were pasted in the cities, interviews with their relatives were heard in every news story, and on talk shows their fate was discussed.

Who was given in return to the “Azovites”?

The latter was especially difficult – during the discussion it became clear that their fate was not enviable, it was clear that Russia would “enter” such prisoners. And the confirmation of such plans immediately followed – on Russian TV they immediately began to talk about a show trial and the leadership of the self-proclaimed “LDNR” – about the impending death penalty.

Soon the subject faded into the background, Russia seemed to have forgotten these prisoners. And now the “Azov” gets off the bus! True, not all of them – a little later it became known that some of them were moved to Turkey, because of which, along with the Saudis, the exchange took place. A little later, it became known that Ukraine sent back 215 people – this exchange can be considered the largest in the history of the Russo-Ukrainian war. But who got in return for that? and returned 55 Russian soldiers and… Viktor Medvedchuk.

And here it started. Of course, first of all in the Russian “patriotic” audience. “How is this possible?! To give away 215 “Banderites and fascists, whom Ukraine considers heroes” in exchange for some Medvedchuk. But who is he, this Medvedchuk?!” – cried the fanatics of the complete and final victory of Russia.

Who is this Medvedchuk?

But really, who is this Medvedchuk? Why did Putin agree to such an exchange? Sure, he’s Putin’s godfather, but nepotism outweighs the sweet dreams of a show trial, a brutal death penalty, and then a loud pardon for them by the “most humane person” Vladimir Putin, who will turn to the “LDNR” with a similar request, which will demonstrate to the world that Russia fully complies with the best world standards of humanity and humanism.

You can imagine what a propaganda effect this would have! But no, Russia is just silent gives away the “Azov” and gets Medvedchuk, plus only 55 Russian soldiers. In addition, it conducts the exchange on the day the “partial mobilization” is announced.

Yes, Putin really needed Medvedchuk. It is so necessary that it was necessary to abandon the propaganda “sandwiches” that would be applauded by the “patriots”. What is necessary? The answer lies on the surface. Medvedchuk was before his arrest the main pro-Russian force of the Kremlin in Ukraine. As a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and with his own faction and controlled TV channels, he honestly and consistently pursued the pro-Russian “one people” policy.

It got ridiculous – on his channels he was interviewed for hours, explaining exactly why Russia started the war – on Ukrainian “fascism”, on “Banderites raising their heads”. It’s funny, but these “lectures” went through all his channels and were repeated several times a day. Of course the war put an end to that.

Medvedchuk certainly believed in the exchange

However, loyalty to the “Russian world” does not end the need to return Medvedchuk. The security service of Ukraine, of course, claims that they completely “stripped” Medvedchuk, which he called, as they say, names, appearances and addresses, but it is difficult to believe in such a thing – the prisoner was to experienceto bring everything and everyone together.

In addition, Medvedchuk certainly believed in the exchange. In addition, Zelensky suggested something similar almost half a year ago, but Russia arrogantly replied that Medvedchuk was a Ukrainian citizen and that he was of no value to Russia. Apparently it still represents, as it turned out. Apparently he had something to say, but Putin really didn’t want that.

Let’s not forget that Medvedchuk is a godfather after all. Kindred soul, so to speak. Of course in Russia patriots are not satisfied with the exchange. It was necessary to perform indicative, they shout. In Ukraine, emotions are positive – good brave people return to their families. And then apparently they will go to war again. “Azov” – they are.

And Medvedchuk? At the moment he really does not represent any value for Ukraine. Now all his testimony is not worth a single HIMARS recording.

Author: Matvey Ganapolsky – long-term journalist of “Echo of Moscow”, TV presenter on the Ukrainian TV channel “Direct”

The commentary reflects the author’s personal opinion. It should not coincide with the opinion of the Russian editors and German welle generally.

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