Qatar vs Senegal result: score, goals, World Cup 2022 report

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Qatar waited 12 years to host the World Cup, but it only took six days for the host country to be eliminated. A 3-1 loss to Senegal left Qatar at the mercy of the Netherlands, and the Dutch’s draw against Ecuador relegated them to unwanted World Cup history. They are now the first World Cup hosts to be knocked out after just two matches.

Qatar, however, scored a goal and offered much more second-half combat than in their first loss to Ecuador. Mohammed Muntari produced the historic moment of Qatar’s first World Cup goal with a sublime header in the 78th minute, leaving home fans with dim hope of a comeback. He was quickly put to bed by Bamba Dieng six minutes later as the substitute restored Senegal’s two-goal lead.

The hosts will regret not being braver from the start, especially now that they have nothing to play for in Tuesday’s game against the Netherlands. Once again Felix Sanchez’s side lacked quality and ambition, while defensive errors sealed their downfall and left Qatar poorly exposed on the pitch.

Qatar have nothing left to play in their last game against the Netherlands

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Senegal’s hopes of advancing to the knockout stages remain alive – they will face Ecuador in a back-to-back shootout for second place on Tuesday – but it was not a performance to cheer for much else. This Group A clash may have been a meeting between the Asian and African champions, but it was a contest of two mediocre teams. Without Sadio Mane, Senegal were drained of inspiration and if Qatar had released him sooner, they might have tried to sow more doubts in their minds. Qatar’s late fightback was too late and by then their fate was already sealed.

Senegal’s opener was the World Cup hosts’ most generous gift, and perhaps will be remembered as the moment that symbolized Qatar’s efforts: unhappy, hopeless and utterly overwhelmed. . Boualem Khoukh’s woeful clearance attempt saw the ball land in Boulaye Dia’s path and from there Qatar had no way back.

Perhaps the turning point came moments earlier when they were denied a 0-0 penalty. Akram Afif was played on goal down the left channel but fell under the challenge of Ismaila Sarr. Rather than try to shoot, Afif pulled out his right leg and made contact from behind. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz remained indifferent and any speculation that the hosts would receive favorable treatment at their World Cup was dismissed.

The stakes were already clear for two teams that started with losses. The rhythm of noise produced by the bounding pack of Qatari supporters and the roving band of Senegalese drummers at the other end of the stadium was rather offset by the performance of two teams who were unconfident and knew their World Cup hopes were doomed. . .

Qatar remained frozen in their defensive form in the early stages, with Senegal controlling possession but once again looking short of the edge. Sarr and Krepin Diatta, after swapping flanks in Senegal’s opener, tried to make the gaps in the side of Qatar’s centre-backs. Substitute goalkeeper Meshaal Barsham, who replaced Saad Abdullah al-Sheeb Barsham, had his first moment of discomfort when he came on and beat a Senegalese corner, Famara Diedhiou heading away from the open goal. Idrissa Gueye then closed after rolling narrowly but Qatar seemed to be doing enough to stay in the game.

But their hopes of reaching half-time level crumbled when Khoukhi tried to clear. The defender was 20 when Qatar won the World Cup in 2010 and had made 106 appearances for his country, up to that time. His panic, however, when trying to clear a simple, harmless cross from Senegal’s left flank is hard to explain. Khoukhi slipped, the ball deflected off his buttocks and fell into Dia’s path. The finish was ruthless and gave Barsham no chance. Neither did Diedhiou when, shortly after the break, the former Bristol City striker met an inbound corner to drive home and double Senegal’s lead.

Dia scores after costly mistake by Khoukhi

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The game seemed over, but the Senegalese Edouard Mendy was the busier of the two goalkeepers after the break. Abdelkarim Hassan’s shot from range sent Mendy diving to his left, with Almoez Ali then netting Qatar’s first shot at the World Cup target after 165 minutes of action. Senegalese coach Aliou Cissé had backed Mendy after his costly mistakes in Senegal’s first loss to the Netherlands and the goalkeeper then recalled his instinctive talent to prevent Ismail Mohamad’s failed effort from coming close.

It felt like Qatar had finally arrived and that only calls into question why they had been so cautious from the start. Sanchez’s side had started to play and for a moment their hopes seemed revived when Muntari’s powerful header completed an excellent back-forward move.

But thoughts of staging a late comeback were quickly dismissed six minutes later when Dieng swept away Senegal’s third. It rather flattered Cissé’s side based on the second half, but Senegal were also able to separate Qatar when needed, and the chasm in class was never in doubt.

This will likely be even more evident against the Netherlands, as Qatar go in search of their first points of the tournament. After 12 years of waiting for the World Cup, this is all they have left to play.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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