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Miami, September 21 (EFE).- Rafael is not thinking about retirement and is “happy” with his next album “Victoria”, which contains eleven “songs” by composer Pablo López, one of which will be released when he receives According to Efe , the Billboard Award Artistic Trajectory will be presented in Miami next week.

His first public performance of the single “De tanta gente” on stage at the Billboard Latin Music Awards will be a gift to his audience and to those who choose to reward him for a long and successful musical career.

In a telephone interview from Madrid, Rafael, who is 79 and 60 years old on stage and in the studio, is grateful for the many awards he has received, but most of all he is delighted with “Victoria”, which he recorded between Madrid and London and which will be published next November was preceded by two single.

“I deserved such a great album,” he tells Efe, praising Pablo López, a thirty-year-old composer new to his career, to whom he made a “lapidary order” after following in his footsteps for several years and giving him “yes ” with no doubt.

“Lapidary” Commission

“I asked for an entire album, not a song, and we’ll see how it goes,” emphasizes Raphael, who has sold over 70 million records and is part of a small group of uranium disc owners (more than 50 million sold). , along with Queen, AC/DC and Michael Jackson.

Raphael emphasizes that lately it is not so easy for him to find an excellent repertoire.

“I got high one day, and I liked a lot of great songs,” he says with some melancholy, and affectionately mentions Manuel Alejandro, the author of many of his greatest hits.

Singer Rafael at a concert. EFE / Carlos Ortega

When asked if the quality of composers has declined, one who was known in the early years as the “child of Linares” does not lend itself to criticism, but rather attributes it to the fact that someone like him is difficult to please, therefore a perfectionist and at the same time with very noticeable style.

“Now times are different,” “everything is changing,” is his response to questions that imply that any past tense was better.
He emphasizes that the current trend of publishing a large number of singles in “little pills” before the album does not suit him. “I think it’s too frivolous and I’m more pushy,” he says.

“Victory”, his new album

Only two songs will be released from Victoria earlier. The first, “Out of So Many People,” in about two weeks.

Prior to that, on September 29, he will take the stage at Watsco Center in Coral Gables (Miami-Dade) to receive the award, which has already received Andrea Bocelli, Armando Manzanero, Carlos Santana, Emmanuel, José José, Juan Luis Guerra, Los Lobos. received earlier. , Mana, Marco Antonio Solis, Miguel Bose, Paquita la del Barrio, Ricardo Arjona and Roberto Carlos, among others.

As an artist who prides himself on his “good health” and is active in his profession, Rafael will also take the stage to sing at the gala concert that will be broadcast on Telemundo and thousands of people will see the hitherto unreleased “Out of so many people” and some of his greatest hits, including “Yo soy qué”, “En carne viva” and “Mi gran noche”.

At 79 years old, Rafael is not thinking about retirement and is full of plans, as well as some mysteries.

His next tour with “Victoria” will begin in April, about four months after the current one, called “Raphael 6.0” the album of his 60-year career, ends in December in Madrid.

In between, he has a project that he only mentions is like “such a beautiful” documentary they made for him.

Rafael does not think about his resignation: “she is very far away”

Born in Linares (Jaén) in 1943, Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez, commonly known as Rafael, was a pioneer of the romantic ballad in Spanish who, with his unique voice and style of interpretation, transcended cultural and geographical boundaries.

Billboard and the Latin American channel Telemundo, when they announced the award to Rafael on September 1, said that “he will be honored for his distinguished professional career and his artistic and personal contribution, which has influenced the development of Latin American music throughout the world.” .

When asked about his “victories” in connection with the title of his album, the singer says that he has “a lot” of them: family, friends, the fact of getting along with fellow artists, the affection of the public and “career”. Wonderful 60 year old.
“I don’t know about other artists, but for me it’s true when I say that I don’t want to retire. One day I’ll get up and say “to here,” but it’s very far away,” he says.

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