Rain and storms are possible tomorrow in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands.

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Madrid, 21 September (EFE) – Tomorrow the instability will continue, with the possibility of rain and occasional severe storms in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, as well as the possibility of hail, especially on the coasts of Valencia and Pitiusas, according to the weather forecast. State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet).

Rainfall will be less likely in eastern Andalusia, Murcia and the eastern Iberian system, however Aemet has issued Andalusia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Murcia region and the Valencian Community with a yellow rain or storm warning.

In the south of Catalonia, in the Valencian Community and in the west of the Balearic Islands, the sky will be cloudy; with intervals of low cloudiness in the morning over large areas of the northeast and southwest quadrants of the peninsula, as well as in the region of eastern Cantabria and northeast and southeast Galicia, with the possibility of fog and fog baths in the morning with a tendency to dissipate, leaving slightly cloudy, like the rest of the peninsula.

In the eastern, southern and central parts of the peninsula there will be an increase in the number of clouds of evolution, as well as in the rest of the Balearic Islands, with rain and storms in the southeastern third of the peninsula with the possibility of local intensification in Murcia and eastern Andalusia.

There will also be showers and storms in the Valencian Community and the eastern part of the Iberian system, with the likelihood that they will spread scattered and from time to time to the rest of the areas. Possible early morning precipitation is also expected in the vicinity of Murcia and in the southeast of Castile-La Mancha.

Maximum temperatures will increase in eastern Cantabria and decrease in western Galicia, southern Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Pitiusas, while minimum temperatures will increase in the interior of the northeast of the peninsula and decrease in eastern Andalusia, with little thermal change in the rest of the country.

The wind will blow from the east and northeast in the west of Cantabria, the northern Balearic Islands, the coasts of Catalonia and northern Galicia. In the rest of the period, it will be a variable weak wind, with a predominance of a breeze regime on the coasts and a westerly component on the Atlantic slope. Trade winds are forecast for the Canary Islands.


– GALICIA: Slightly cloudy skies and patches of high cloud cover at dawn, with patches of low cloud cover in the northeast and southeast coast, light cloud cover in the afternoon in the highlands of the southeast quadrant and in the late afternoon increases in the sky overcast throughout territory. Scattered morning fogs are possible in the interior of Lugo, accompanied by a few patches of fog, and also, although less likely, in Bajo Minho and Rías Baixas. Minimum unchanged or slightly declining and maximum declining on the west coast, with a slight rise in the hinterland northeast of Lugo, and little change elsewhere. Variable light wind that will blow with greater intensity from both the east and the northeast on the north coast, albeit with a tendency to die down at the end.

– ASTURIA: skies with few clouds and interspersed high clouds and low clouds in the western hinterland at dawn where fog is possible in the morning and some evolution of cloudiness in the mountain range in the afternoon, turning to cloudy in the western half in the late afternoon . Lows with little change, although they will have local rises in the Picos de Europa, highs with little change along the coast and a gentle rise elsewhere. The wind is variable, weak, stronger from the east to the coast at the beginning of the day and in the morning, subsiding in the afternoon and turning into a breeze.

– CANTABRIA: Slightly cloudy to clear, with light clouds at dawn that can lead to mist and mist clouds in the morning in the southern third, increasing in intervals of high cloud from late afternoon. Lows are expected with little change, except for lifts in the highlands of the southwest and highs for lifts that are light on the coast and more pronounced further south. Variable light wind, blowing temporarily to the northeast and north during the central hours of the day.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: skies with few or clear clouds and intervals of low cloud at dawn in the hinterland with mists and patches of fog in the morning to be expected at night on the east coast, increasing later in the day with intervals of high cloud. Minimum unchanged and maximum rise, light on the coast and variable light wind with a temporary trend during the day to the north and northeast.

– CASTILLA AND LEON: Slightly cloudy skies with partly cloudy skies in the south and a chance of intermittent light rain in mountainous areas in the southwest. Constant low level and high rise in the northeast and unchanged in the rest of the areas. Weak variable wind.

– NAVARRA: clear or lightly cloudy and small intervals of low cloud cover in the early hours of the day, which do not reach the Ribera de Ebro and which will be accompanied by fogs and fog banks in the morning in the Aralar and Urbasa mountain ranges. Minimum unchanged or with a slight decrease, except for local rises in the eastern end of the Pyrenees and maximum rises in the north and no changes in the rest. Variable light wind.

– LA RIOJA: Partly cloudy with high clouds, minimum unchanged, maximum rising slightly. Variable light wind.

– ARAGON: cloudy intervals, with low clouds in the morning in the Ebro depression and cloud evolution during the day in southern Teruel and Huesca. In the south of Teruel, rain in the afternoon, in places with thunderstorms, more intense in the southeast, where it can be heavy in places; Huesca has a low chance of scattered and occasional showers. Morning mist in the south of Teruel. Lows on the rise in the Ebro basin and unchanged in the rest; maximum unchanged or slightly reduced. Weak variable wind.

– CATALONIA: Cloudy early in the day, with a tendency to intermittent cloudiness, cloudiness develops during the day, especially in mountainous areas. In the south of Tarragona, rain and occasional thunderstorms in the morning, sometimes strong or very strong. In the afternoon, short-term and short-term rains are possible in mountainous areas. Raising lows in the west of the central depression and little change in the rest; the maximum decrease in the south of Tarragona and other areas of the western third, and in the rest without changes. The wind of the eastern component is weak, on the coast with moderate intervals.

– EXTREMADURA: partly cloudy, cloudy will develop in the afternoon, intermittent light rain is possible in the northern and southern mountains. Mists and fogs are possible in the morning. The lows are in slight decline and the highs are unchanged. Variable tailwind coming from the west in the afternoon.

– COMMUNITY OF MADRID: Slight cloudiness increasing high cloud intervals and daytime development in the afternoon, with the possibility of some scattered showers in the mountains. Temperatures are unchanged or with a slight decrease, more pronounced in the mountain lows. Variable light wind, with a predominance of the southwest in the afternoon.

– CASTILLA LA MANCHA: Intermittent clouds, with a chance of showers with thunderstorms in the southeast at dawn. Partly cloudy with intervals of low morning cloudiness and evolution during the day, more abundant in the eastern highlands, in the rest. Rain likely followed by storm in the eastern third in the afternoon, with the possibility of occurrence in the rest of the eastern half and north of Toledo. Fogs and mists in the morning in the western half and Serrania de Cuenca. Low on descent, generally light; ups and downs with little change, predominant ups in the southern half and downs in Guadalajara and Cuenca. Variable light wind.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Cloudy skies, with showers and thunderstorms during the day, preferably in coastal areas in the morning and inland areas in the afternoon, which can be locally strong or very strong. Little change lows and low highs. At noon, a slight variable wind with a tendency to the easterly component.

– REGION OF MURCIA: cloudy skies, with showers and storms that can be strong locally, more often inland and in the afternoon, becoming clear at the end of the day. lows in decline; maximum unchanged. Weak variable wind, with intervals of the easterly component.

– BALEARIC ISLANDS: in Pitiusas and west of Mallorca, the sky is covered with rain, sometimes accompanied by a storm, which can be strong or very strong until the end of the day; in other periods of cloudiness, intermittent rain is possible. Temperatures with little change or decrease in daytime temperatures. The northeast wind is usually weak.

– ANDALUSIA: generally slightly cloudy. Intervals of low cloud and fog in the morning in the western third, with a chance of fog. Cloud evolution during the day in the eastern third and mountain ranges in the rest with a chance of rain and occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon, which can be locally severe in the eastern part of the country. Low unchanged or declining; maximum in the rise in the Sierra Morena and no change in the rest. The wind is usually variable, more intense in the afternoon.

– CANARY ISLANDS: in the north of the islands of greater relief, north of Lanzarote and northeast of Fuerteventura, periods of cloudiness, with the opening of wide clearings in the afternoon. Light rain is possible on the northeastern slope of La Palma in the morning. The rest are a little cloudy or clear. Temperatures with little change, with the exception of a slight local increase in inland areas. The wind is northeasterly, more intense on the southeastern and northwestern slopes of the islands with a large relief, where strong gaps are possible. In the highlands, there is usually a light wind of variable direction, with the exception of the central peaks of Tenerife, where it will be with a moderate south-westerly direction, at times strong.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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