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Red-haired beast: Yakubovich’s 24-year-old daughter cut a figure in a tiny bikini

Leonid Yakubovich with his daughter Varvara.

Leonid Yakubovich with his daughter Varvara.

A picture: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Nature rewarded the daughter of the 77-year-old host of the show “Field of Miracles” Leonid Yakubovich with a bright appearance. 24-year-old Varvara is a spectacular girl with bright red hair and snow-white skin. Her new photos invariably arouse interest among subscribers on social networks. Not surprisingly, Internet users were delighted when Varya decided to share a photo in a bikini. The daughter of the TV presenter boasted a slender figure in a bathing suit.

The girl decided to tell subscribers how she spent the summer. It turned out that Varvara actively mastered the art of arranging: she studied music theory, selected melodies for lyrics, was engaged in mixing tracks and working with sound. And in between the active classes, she was able to swim and sunbathe. On her page, Yakubovich’s daughter shared a photo: she walks along a sandy beach in a bright red bikini.

Varvara told how she spent the summer.  And at the same time boasted a photo in a bathing suit.  Photo: social networks.

Varvara told how she spent the summer. And at the same time boasted a photo in a bathing suit. Photo: social networks.

The heiress to the star “Field of Miracles” recently graduated with honors from MGIMO – she studied international journalism. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Varvara decided to continue her studies at the same university and entered the magistracy. True, it is not known whether she will eventually become a journalist. Varvara is seriously interested in music and dreams of becoming a singer. The girl took the pseudonym Barbara Vido and released her debut album “Midnight Parables” last year. In total it contained 9 songs in the folk genre, some of which are in English. Varvara also sings on stage – she performs in one of the Moscow clubs.

Varvara graduated with honors from MGIMO.  Photo: social networks.

Varvara graduated with honors from MGIMO. Photo: social networks.

Varvara Vido is the daughter of Leonid Yakubovich from the third wife of Marina Vido. The TV host said that he and his wife specifically gave the girl her mother’s name, so as not to draw too much attention to her. Indeed, Varvara avoids social events – it is almost impossible to meet her at parties.

– To be honest, I don’t know any of the famous kids at all. The only period of communication with celebrity heirs was when I was in school. Malinin’s children, Michel Serov, studied there, but I have no contact with any of them,” Varvara said. At the same time, the girl does not hide that her father paid for her expensive education to MGIMO.

Yakubovich has another child – son Artem from his first marriage. He works in the Information Programs Directorate on Channel One.

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