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Renders of Project Cambria surface, revealing what Meta’s new headset may look like



Renders of Project Cambria surface, revealing what Meta’s new headset may look like

Meta announced its codenamed Project Cambria headset last year and brand new renders finally give us a glimpse of what it may look like. The company has been fairly quiet on what Project Cambria will bring to the table. Though, the renders may give us a taste of its design elements.

These renders were put together by the notable tipster and content creator Brad Lynch. In a tweet, Lynch states that the unofficial renders have been compiled using information from the supply chain. Lynch also claims sources who’ve tried Meta’s Project Cambria say that the renders represent the final PVT model.

Based on the leaked renders, Project Cambria has a more minimalist design aesthetic we compare it to Oculus Quest 2. It’s certainly not reinventing the wheel and keeps many of the same design philosophies from Meta’s tentpole virtual reality (VR) headset. Though, it does look more lightweight. The strap that runs over the user’s head on the Oculus Quest 2 is no longer. Additionally, if Project Cambria maintains its darker colour, that may speak to those not too fond of the matte white of Oculus Quest 2.

Beyond basic design aspects, there’s still a lot to speculate about when it comes to Project Cambria. While we do see a forward-facing camera for mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR), specs are a mystery. It’s safe to assume that Meta’s Project Cambria will be more powerful than Oculus Quest 2. Though, how the company will achieve that is still anyone’s guess.


While it’s always worth taking unofficial renders with a grain of salt, Lynch is fairly confident in them. In a follow-up tweet, he states that he’s “250%” certain these renders are accurate.

Meta’s focus on the metaverse will require hardware to help support it. That’s where headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 and Project Cambria come in. Although Meta has been a prime supporter of VR technologies, it still lacks in providing tools to support AR and thus MR. Project Cambria may fill that void.

Currently, there’s no firm launch day for Project Cambria from Meta. Though, the company continues to eye a 2022 release.

Source: Brad Lynch Via: TechRadar

Image credit: Brad Lynch

Source: MobileSyrup

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