Roberto Orallo Reveals Keys to His Creative Process in Documentary

Santander (EFE) – Cantabrian artist Roberto Orallo stars in a documentary dedicated to both his work and people, which introduces the public to the most intimate part of his creative process and the influence that pervades his work.

The documentary, titled “On the Horizon Line”, was directed by Iñaki Pinedo and Marcos Aldaco and will premiere tomorrow, Thursday, in the Pereda Hall of the Palais des Festivals.

The artist and the directors stressed this Wednesday at the press conference dedicated to the presentation of the documentary, together with Vice President and Minister of Culture Pablo Zuloaga, that it is a reflection of the creative process of Roberto Orallo and the influence of the environment and environment on it.

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Filmed in locations such as Santander, Torrelavega, Camargo, Santoña, Laredo or Villacarredo, the 52-minute footage is dedicated to the artist’s creative and personal expression, with the title referring to the fact that “Orallo always looks to the future,” he explained.

Important in the documentary is the presence of symbolic spaces of Santander and Cantabria, as well as vintage archival images and cinematic images in 8 and Super 8 Santander from the early 50s of the 20th century, which are not published and belong to the collection of a relative of the amateur filmmaker from the capital of Cantabria.

In addition, he has a collaboration with Mexico, since the country of the Aztecs was an important reference point in the plastic work of Orallo, a country that he visited up to five times and in which he repeatedly exhibited his work throughout history. year weather.

“They squeezed me and took away things I didn’t know about,” explained Orallo, who assured that the way film and painting work are similar thanks to “an established script.”

By Peter Kavinsky

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