Russia spent a quarter of its budget on the war with Ukraine – DW – 11-25-2022

Russian editions for nine months wars against Ukraine amounted to about $82 billion, which is about a quarter of Russia’s annual budget, reported the Ukrainian edition of the magazine on Thursday, November 24 Forbes. It is noted that this amount includes the direct costs necessary to support the military aggression against Ukraine, without taking into account stable defense spending and losses in the economy due to sanctions.

Given that the budget revenue of the Russian Federation will reach $340 billion in 2021, the current amount of the “check for war” is equivalent to about a quarter of this country’s annual budget, says Forbes, noting that the “bill for war” next year may be too much for the Kremlin as Russia’s own resources to meet military needs run out.

The publication explains that the Kremlin will need more money to continue the war against the background of declining oil and gas export revenues, the loss of most of the EU gas market following the halt of supplies by “North Current” and sanctions against Russian oil, which will take effect from December. Analysts say war spending for Russia doubled in the fall and is now at least $10 billion a month.

How the budget of the Russian Federation is spent on the war

On average, Russia spends about $200 a day on one of its soldiers. Total wage costs for military personnel involved in hostilities, after mobilization, are approximately $2.7 billion per month. If in the summer the amount of compensation to be paid Dead and woundedamounted to about $1 billion monthly, and over $3.5 billion in the last month of the war.

According to various estimates, Russia spent 10,000 to 50,000 shells a day in the war against Ukraine, which is more than $5.5 billion in money. Russian forces fired more than 4,000 rockets into Ukraine. The cost of each of them averages $ 3 million.

Losses in aviation and other equipment

Russia too lost in Ukraine 278 fighter jets for an average price of $18 million and 261 helicopters for an average price of $10.4 million. The total monetary losses of Russian military aviation amount to 8 billion dollars.

According to analysts, Russia has lost almost as much tanks, how many were there before the invasion of Ukraine (2897 out of about 3300 on February 24). The Kremlin is currently trying repair equipmentwhich has been stored in warehouses for decades and needs significant modernization and financial costs.

In total, all equipment lost in the nine months of the war against Ukraine cost Russia $20.8 billion, notes Forbes magazine.

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