Russia will not be able to mobilize 300 thousand people – Polish general

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Russia will not be able to mobilize 300 thousand people and will solve this problem thanks to recruits. The Russians mobilized for the war in Ukraine will not be ready for battle until spring.

such an opinion in an interview with Ukrinform said the Polish general, ex-Commander of the Polish Land Forces Waldemar Skshipchak.

As the expert noted, Putin ordered a secret mobilization in early August, when the Ukrainian army launched a counterattack towards Kherson. According to him, Russia was already planning to involve 100 to 150 thousand people in military operations in Ukraine.

“But, as it turned out, there are problems with it in Russia: people do not want to serve, they avoid subpoenas at the military registration and recruitment offices, they combine something so as not to come to the front,” emphasized the expert.

According to him, this is why, a few days before the announcement of partial mobilization, Putin passed new legal restrictions through the Russian parliament, requiring the mobilized to report to military registration and recruitment agencies under pressure of criminal liability for evasion from service. . This was done in order to recruit these 150,000 military personnel, as only about 30,000 untrained reservists volunteered. That’s why Russia first introduced criminal liability for service evasion, and now these 150,000 will try to mobilize them.

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“So the choice is now this: the army and the front, or captivity. But those who want to live will go to prison, not to the army, there will be few patriots,” the Polish general emphasized.

In his opinion, Russia will not be able to mobilize 300 thousand people, but will solve this problem thanks to recruits. He noted that from about October 1, a design campaign will be conducted in Russia and thus they will try to recruit up to 130,000 people.

“If they mobilize 150 thousand more, together they have about 300 thousand,” said the Polish general.

However, as the expert noted, the recruits will not be ready to participate in the hostilities in Ukraine until next spring. Meanwhile, the mobilized reservists will also be ready for combat operations no later than six months later. In addition, it is necessary to form companies, battalions to conduct combat coordination of units, which takes time.

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“Putin is going to go to war, but he won’t have these troops until spring. Now he will close gaps with units he pulls out of Syria, the Caucasus, wherever he can, because his front is collapsing,” the ex-Commander of the Polish Ground Forces emphasized.

He noted that Putin wants to get through the autumn and winter in this way – until the spring, when new trained units arrive so that they can be sent to the front.

“Putin wants at all costs to keep what he has already received, but the Ukrainians will not allow him to do this, by reclaiming the areas that the Russian army had previously occupied,” Skshipchak summed up.

As reported, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu said 300,000 reservists will be called up as part of partial mobilization in Russia. Shoigu noted that partial mobilization provides for the recruitment of only those who have served and have a military specialty. Partial mobilization will affect 1.1% of the total mobilization resource.

Since February 24, Russia has been waging a full-scale war against Ukraine. In early September, the Ukrainian army counterattacked in the Kharkov region, liberating the region almost completely from Russian invaders.

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