“Russians are not people anymore”: Ukraine’s highest authorities allowed the execution of captured soldiers

The prosecutor's office of Ukraine opened a criminal case after the publication of a video on social networks about the execution of Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian army, who were shot after they surrendered.

The prosecutor’s office of Ukraine opened a criminal case after the publication of a video on social networks about the execution of Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian army, who were shot after they surrendered.

The prosecutor’s office of Ukraine opened a criminal case after the publication of a video on social networks about it execution by the Ukrainian army of Russian soldiers, already shot after they surrendered. But, as might be expected, the executioners – “VSUchki”, according to Ukrainian prosecutors, were initially “not guilty of anything” and cannot be guilty. A criminal case has been launched against Russian soldiers who, as Themis’s Ukrainian servants believed, “treacherously imitated the surrender of the armed forces of Ukraine”.

– The Prosecutor’s Office has entered information in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Proceedings about the fact that military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have committed treason. Criminal proceedings have been initiated under the article on violation of the laws and customs of war (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), the Luhansk Regional Prosecutor’s Office, which is dealing with this case, said in a statement : and the “Ukrainian truth” is revealed immediately. – The Russian army, imitating the surrender to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, opened fire on Ukrainian defenders. Such acts are prohibited by international humanitarian law.

Generally, the victim is guilty of colliding the executioner’s ax with his neck and should therefore be punished for this crime. Or that the victim of the abuse herself provoked the rapist with her short skirt.

In its defense, the Ukrainian side says there was reportedly another Russian soldier who did not surrender on his departure, but opened fire on Ukraine’s armed forces and was immediately eliminated by return fire. So-so excuse, to be honest. Because the eleven people who were disarmed lay face down on the ground and were killed, they remained in exactly the same positions as before. You don’t have to be a military expert to understand from puddles of blood that our soldiers were in a deliberately helpless state.

But did anyone expect a different decision from the “Ukrainian Themis”? Let me remind you, if anyone has forgotten, that before this egregious case of reprisals, Ukrainians were happy to post and forward other equally vicious videos of lawless reprisals online. And on none of those occasions did Ukrainian prosecutors, whether military or civilian, conduct a single, even preliminary investigation, let alone initiate a criminal case. Even now they are only excited because in the West they suddenly “woke up” and “saw”. And before that, they saw nothing, just as the “blind men” of the OSCE SMM in Donbass saw nothing for eight years.

In Ukraine, they cannot ignore the West, they have no right, despite all their cries about independence and independence. But it is no longer possible to return to human form, which implies not only the existence of moral and legal norms, but also their observance. They will defend “bastards” to the last because these are “their bastards”. And such a decision of the prosecution practically legalizes the execution of prisoners of war. The legal system of Ukraine clearly shows – do what you want. There will be no punishment.

And in this, the Ukrainian authorities completely copy the puppeteers from the United States, where the same lieutenant William Kelly, who set fire to the village of the Vietnamese community of Song My together with its inhabitants (alive), was convicted – and then after the wildest international scandal, which is not surprising, since the total number of established civilian casualties The population was 504 people – first to life imprisonment, but the term was immediately reduced from life to 20 years, and in fact Kelly was under house arrest for three and a half years, after which he was released on parole. But the Americans at least found their executioner guilty, and even the Ukrainians are not capable of that.

– Kiev, accusing the executed Russian prisoners of treason and breaking the “laws of war”, follows US patterns. Apparently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finally “studied” the video of the brutal massacre by the armed forces of Ukraine and sent the appropriate “instructions” to the Zelensky regime, – said Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs.

Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Western countries reacted very slowly and reluctantly to the execution of the unarmed Russian army. Without waiting for a normal response from them and from the UN, which called only for a “thorough investigation of the incident”, the Russian State Duma on November 22 passed a statement from the chamber calling on world parliaments to condemn the crimes of the armed to condemn armed forces. Armed forces of Ukraine against Russian soldiers.

But it is unlikely that we will wait for a truly understandable response from all this public, which will be based on law and law. Most likely, they will turn a blind eye in the same way and agree with the version of the Ukrainian prosecutors, who believe that the “Rusnya” is initially to blame for everything. Those who believe that Russians are not people and therefore have become non-people themselves. They act exactly according to the logic of the German punishers of the Great Patriotic War. With only one difference: the Germans did not burn alive and did not organize mass executions of Germans and civilians in Germany from among the Germans (with the exception of some special provocations to accuse the Red Army of atrocities), and for this they used the traitors who had come more into their service, who were liquidated after the shares.

Incidentally, another video has appeared on the web, in which the Ukrainian army is walking around cold-bloodedly shooting several Russian soldiers who have surrendered with shots to the head. This is a different situation and a different video, and there’s no hint of at least an attempted defiance.

What will the Ukrainian prosecutors come up with on this occasion, if this video is also “seen” and noticed in the West? What are the justifications of their own and the accusations of the “Russians”? The right word, they do not deserve humane and humane treatment with them. Neither those who commit excesses at the front nor those who send them inspire and justify them from behind.

And if earlier the call “Death to the fascist occupiers!” was topical, another one is no less important: “Death to the Ukrainian Nazis!”


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By Peter Kavinsky

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